15 Craziest, Weird TikTok Challenges That Gave Trauma For Life

TikTok is growing strongly, capturing a huge number of users. There are many weird TikTok challenges born, leading to several unpredictable consequences. TikTok is a familiar Entertainment tool and has become an integral part of the spiritual life of many people around the world. However, it is a fact that in addition to the harmless fun it brings, there are many challenges that actually bring danger to imitators. In this article, we will list 8 of the weirdest and craziest TikTok challenges that can have severe consequences for the users who participate.
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#1 DIY vampire fangs

Experts advise against using nail glue or super glue to stick fake fangs because the glue is toxic and cannot come off.
DIY vampire fangs DIY vampire fangs

Source:  New York Post

#2 Face wax challenge

Skincare professionals called this process “traumatic for the skin, especially sensitive areas like around the eyes.

Source: Man Matters

#3 The eating frozen honey challenge

After this gruesome TikTok challenge, participants noticed a potentially disastrous side effect: massive diarrhea.

Source: TODAY

#4 The “coronavirus challenge”

This challenge comes from Ava Louise, a regular attention-seeker. She gained widespread attention in March when a Tiktok video of her licking the toilet on an airplane went viral.

Source: Sammiches & Psych Meds

#5 The poop challenge

The ordeal is truly sickening as some parents smeared their children with poop and filmed their terrified reactions.
The poop challenge The poop challenge

Source: YouTube

#6 Pee your pants challenge

Pee your pants challenge Pee your pants challenge

Source: Daily Star

#7 Penny challenge

The ridiculous TikTok penny outlet challenge has a high risk of causing fire.

Source: Reach FM

#8 Skull breaker challenge - a super stupid TikTok challenge that can lead to dead!

Skull breaker challenge Skull breaker challenge

Source: Times of India

#9 Dry Scoop Challenge

This stupid challenge can cause people to choke or inhaling the powder into the lungs.
Dry Scoop Challenge Dry Scoop Challenge

Source: YouTube

#10 Cereal Challenge

This challenge is not only unsanitary and gross but also leads to the risk of choking and inhalation into the lungs
Cereal Challenge Cereal Challenge

Source: Times Now


#11 Nutmeg Challenge

This is another version of the dry scoop challenge and can cause similar risk for health

Nutmeg Challenge Nutmeg Challenge


#12 Bright Eye Challenge

TikTokers try to change their eye color using bags of hand sanitizer or bleach. The videos were fake, but they did not get disclosed until after some users tried this challenge, risking their eyesight
Bright Eye Challenge Bright Eye Challenge

Source: YouTube

#13 Corn Cob Challenge

Participants in this stupid challenge can chip, break or get their hair caught in the drill, resulting in mild to severe bodily harm.
Corn Cob Challenge  Corn Cob Challenge

Source: Capital XTRA

#14 Blackout Challenge

This dangerous challenge had users choking themselves until they black out. As a result, it has led to the death of a 12-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl.

Blackout Challenge Blackout Challenge

Source: Portal Virtual Reality

#15 Scalp Popping Challenge

Experts warned that this challenge could lead to hair loss, bald spots, or severe scalp damage.
Scalp Popping Challenge Scalp Popping Challenge

Source: The Mirror

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