11 Times Fame Came Knocking At Celebrities’ Door Least Expectedly

Everyone has to get their start somewhere and celebrities are no exception. The stories about the life of the stars are sometimes mind-blowing, making their beloved fans dream. However, many might not know that many celebs came to fame by accident. Sometimes Fame Came to celebrities by chance.
It is a fact that plenty of famous people tried their best to hit the mark without obtaining results, abandoning all aspirations. On the other hand, some carried out humble and equally dignified jobs such as waiters, shop assistants, or even bricklayers. They didn’t dream of making it big in the Entertainment industry but became unsuspectedly famous. These happy accidents make their lives take an unexpected turn. The times when fame knocks on the door of a celebrity are incredible.
We've gathered some mind-blowing stories of celebs who became famous by accident.

#1 Jennifer Aniston was gassing up her car when she met the president of the largest TV company

Fame Came to celebritiesSource: © Love Happens / Universal Pictures and co-producers

Before being famous for the role of Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston failed many roles on projects. Once, the actress ran into the former president of NBC Entertainment Warren Littlefield at a gas station on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. When he finished gassing up his car, Aniston asked him, “Will it ever happen for me?”. He thought for a while and answered, “I wanted it to.” After that, she was offered to become a part of the “Friends” series.

#2 Sharlto Copley was a TV producer

Fame Came to celebritiesSource: © Maleficent / The Walt Disney Studios and co-producers

At age 19, Sharlto Copley became the co-founder of Channel 69 Studios media company and had a meeting of fate with his future mentor for the big scene Neill Blomkamp whom he hired for the position of computer graphic designer. Years later, when Blomkamp became a director, he invited the actor to Copley in “District 9” where he shone.

#3 Chloë Sevigny was skateboarding when she was noticed by a fashion photographer

Fame Came to celebritiesSource: © Those Who Kill / Fox 21 and co-producers

Chloë Sevigny accidentally met a photographer from a magazine, i-D while skateboarding with her friend in the East Village in New York. The actress got an offer for a photo shoot and now, she becomes a world-famous model and actress.

#4 David Boreanaz got his fateful role while walking his dog

Fame Came to celebritiesSource: © Bones / Far Field Productions and co-producers

Before his fame, David Boreanaz took part in numerous auditions to take a chance to shine on the screen. But his dream came true thanks to an accidental meeting.
Marcia Shulman, the casting director of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” was desperate for looking for a handsome guy to portray Angel, a tortured vampire with a soul. Fortunately, her friend noticed Boreanaz while walking her dog. The actor got the role and remained the star of the TV series for the next 25 years.

#5 Brad Pitt was working odd jobs

Source: © Meet Joe Black / Universal Pictures

Brad Pitt was studying journalism but dropped out of college 2 weeks before graduation. It was a tough time when he had to agree to take any job to make a living. He worked as a mascot at a cafe wearing a chicken costume and gave rides to female dancers at bachelor parties.
But, fortune came to him, having a chance to contact the acting teacher, Roy London, who helped him unfold his talent and get his first roles in movies.

#6 Lana Turner found the right contacts by going to a cafe for a soda

Source: © The Postman Always Rings Twice / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

William R. Wilkerson, the founder of the leading American magazine, first saw the future icon of the 1940s and 1950s in a café when she was drinking soda with her friends. Wilkerson introduced 16-year-old Turner to the talent agent, Zeppo Marx, who helped her get a small role in the movie “They Won’t Forget”. Soon after, her great career on the big screen started.

#7 John Wayne was an American football player

Source: © The Searchers / С.V. Whitney Pictures

John Wayne used to play as a forward for the University of Southern California. Because of his injury, he lost his sports scholarship and forcibly looked for work. He began staring as a football player in some Movies and afterward, he gradually switched to more iconic roles and even won an Oscar in 1970.

#8 Ellen Pompeo was bartending

Source: © Grey's Anatomy / Shondaland and co-producers

Before landing on the iconic role of Meredith Grey In “Grey’s Anatomy”, the actress worked in a restaurant in New York’s Soho area. Once, a talent agent came to the restaurant and spot her. Soon, Ellen was taking part in TV commercials and debuted as an actress in the movie “Do You Have the Time?”

#9 Kate Moss met a modeling scout in an airport lounge

Source: © Marechal Aurore / ABACA / East News

Kate Moss never thought she would become one of the iconic supermodels in the 1990s and 2000s. But everything changed thanks to the model scout, Sarad Doukas. Moss ran into Doukas’ brother at New York airport. He noticed a 14-year-old girl who was roaming around and waiting for boarding. He came up to her and asked “Have you ever thought about being a model?” Later on, at the age of 16, Kate had already had her first photoshoot for the cover of The Face.

#10 Gisele Bündchen was having lunch at McDonald’s

Source: © Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

It is hard to believe a girl who was born in Horizontina, a small city in the south of Brazil that could offer her almost nothing, would become a well-known model.
When turning 13 years old, Gisele Bündchen signed up for modeling courses because of the promised trip to São Paulo after the finish of her studies. The first time, she arrived there, she went to McDonald’s. Accidentally, an agent came up to her and asked whether she was interested in the modeling business. She admitted that she had never seen fashion magazines but after having consulted with her mom, Gisele agreed.

#11 Eva Mendes was simply helping her neighbor

Source: © Ghost Rider / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

Eva Mendes willingly became a model for her neighbor’s portfolio, taking some photos. After seeing the pics, an agent tried to contact Eva and successfully signed a contract for a couple of supporting roles with her right away. It is a springboard for her bright on-screen future.
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