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15+ Celebrity Fashion Fails That Had Us All In Stitches

Have you ever had a tear in your shirt, a hole in your pants but didn’t notice it? Well, at this time, a great embarrassment comes. And you’re not alone. Plenty of celebrities prove that even the most glamorous stars suffer from cringy moments.

As a celeb, the cameras catch everything. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much double-stick tape you use, wardrobe malfunctions are unavoidable. Even with teams of assistants and stylists swarming them to ensure everything goes their plant but sometimes things just go wrong. These moments come as a surprise and we’ve seen a lot of embarrassment.
Case in point: Saweetie’s peek-a-boo moment, Katy Perry’s split pants, and Charli XCX’s slight slip off the shoulder. In addition to them, there are many cases that make us laugh out loud.

We’ve rounded up 17 celebrity wardrobe mishaps. Keep scrolling down to see them. If you want to see more, click here, here, and here.

#1 Margot Robbie

Celebrity Fashion FailsSource: Stephen Lock / i-Images/EAST NEWS© Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

Margot Robbie’s dress got untied while walking the red carpet in London in 2016. Luckily, her colleague Alexander Skarsgård was there to help her out.

#2 Dakota Johnson

Celebrity Fashion FailsSource: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

One of the presenters at the People’s Choice Awards in 2016 accidentally ripped one of the straps on Dakota Johnson’s top, but the actress managed to gracefully keep everything in place.

#3 Jessica Chastain

Celebrity Fashion FailsSource: Xinhua/Photoshot/REPORTER/East NewsAFP/EAST NEWS

Jessica Chastain and her gorgeous dress were fighting strong gusts of wind at the Cannes Film Festival back in 2014.

#4 Elsa Hosk

Celebrity Fashion FailsSource: East News, East News

Beautiful actress Elsa Hosk lost her earring while strutting the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival in 2019.

#5 Robert Downey Jr.

Source: Han Myung-Gu / Getty Images

Robert Downey Jr. was so excited about the Iron Man 3 movie premiere that he didn’t even zip his pants up properly.

#6 Amal Clooney

Celebrity Fashion FailsSource: Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot/Mary Evans Picture Library/East NewsAFP/EAST NEWS

Amal Clooney’s gorgeous gown gave her a headache at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. As she struggled with its long train, her hubby lent a helping hand.

#7 Stella McCartney

Source: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

British designer Stella McCartney almost took off Rihanna’s skirt when her heel tangled up in the fabric at the 2015 Met Gala.

#8 Paris Hilton

Celebrity Fashion FailsSource: © The Tonight Show / YouTube

Paris Hilton wore 2 different shoes when she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

#9 Ben Affleck

Celebrity Fashion FailsSource: Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

Ben Affleck appeared at the Suicide Squad premiere in 2016 with his pants unbuttoned, his shirt half tucked in, and his belt buckled far outside the loops.

#10 Sarah Jessica Parker

Source: Dylan Travis/ABACA/Abaca/East NewsDylan Travis/ABACA/Abaca/East News

Sarah Jessica Parker experienced an unfortunate moment at the And Just Like That premiere this year when the handle of her purse fell off.

#11 Elizabeth Banks

Source: © Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty Images

Elizabeth Banks wore a zipper-breaking tight dress at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009.

#12 Lydia Bright

Source: Simon James / Getty Images

British television star Lydia Bright needed lots of strength to prevent the wind from revealing her underwear when she attended The Duke of Essex Polo Trophy in 2011 in England.

#13 Kim Kardashian

Source: David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com/EAST NEWSDavid Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com/EAST NEWS

Kim Kardashian had a problem with her gorgeous green dress that started to come apart in the back.

#14 Katherine Heigl

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Part of Katherine Heigl’s dress fell off as she was accepting the Female Star of the Year Award in 2010 in Las Vegas, but she handled it with a smile.

#15 Brad Pitt

Source: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Actor Brad Pitt was blissfully unaware of his unbuttoned trousers as he posed on the red carpet at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Paris in 2009.

#16 Dame Helen Mirren

Source: Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Dame Helen Mirren was caught by surprise as her earring fell off while talking to a reporter.

#17 Lily-Rose Depp

Source: David M. Benett / Getty Images

Lily-Rose Depp experienced a wardrobe malfunction when a gust of wind moved her plunging top in an unwanted direction at The King premiere in 2019.

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