14 Hilarious And Unexpected Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Caught On Camera

Over the years, the world of fashion has evolved. celebrities from all walks of life, at many different prestigious events, elegantly exhibited gorgeous outfits made by talented designers. They put on stunning outfits and then stepped into the red carpets. Their looks grabbed huge attention and all cameras would turn toward them.
However, sometimes their clothes betray them and put them in an embarrassing situation. Some had the worst nip slip moments while others fell apart on their stage. No matter what it was, their outfits disasters were caught live on camera. Below are some pretty embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that certainly you can’t stop giggling.

#1 Ashley Bell

Source: Getty Images

At the 2011 MTV Movie Award, Ashley Bell tried to keep her white dress from blowing in the wind.

#2 Katherine Heigl

Source: Getty Images

Katherine Heigl looked beautiful in a dress grown at the ShoWest award in Las Vegas. However, in the middle of her acceptance speech, her strap accidentally broke which made the actress so embarrassing.

#3 Emma Stone

Source: Bruno Press

Emma Stone rocked a black and white dress as she attended at Cannes Film Festival. However, her dress lifted in the wind so the actress struggled to hold her dress down.

#4 Jennifer Lopez

Source: Bruno Press

Lopez tries to control her dress while filming a music video for the song “Ni Tu Ni Yo” in Florida in 2017.

#5 Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” as a guest and many might not notice that the model wore two different shoes. After the episode, Fallon poked fun at her wardrobe malfunction, posting a video of the star walking on stage.

#6 Camila Mendes

Source: camimendes

On March 28, 2018, Camila Mendes shared an Instagram photo of her defeated pants. The Riverdale star doesn’t mind sharing her wardrobe mishap.

#7 Sarah Hyland

Source: J. Merritt

Sarah Hyland dressed up in a red gown with a cut-out on the red carpet. If you noticed, you’d find out that her undergarments were peeking out at the top of her waistband.

#8 Michelle Williams

Source: Jason Kempin

Michelle Williams stepped out in a white short-sleeved Prada dress with embroidered silver flowers to attend the premiere of “Oz: The Great & Powerful”. However, her stunning dress couldn’t hide her black underwear.

#9 Chloe Grace Moretz

Source: Pinterest

Maybe Chloe didn’t notice a little tear in her velvet dress when she signed autographs at the “Watch What Happens Live!” event.

#10 Beyoncé Again

Source: Pinterest

During her performance in Times Square in 2011, Beyoncé Again’s dress lifted in the wind, and the singer dealt with perfectly her wardrobe malfunction.

#11 Elizabeth Olson

Source: Pinterest

Wind may be an enemy of many stars. Elizabeth Olson held her dress down by hand when it flew in the wind.

#12 Brad Pitt

Source: Getty Images

In “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2009, Brad Pitt didn’t completely notice that his fly was opening.

#13 Desmin Borges

Source: Bruno Press

At the FX’s Annual All-Star Party in 2018, Desmin Borges had a hilarious moment where his pants ripped.

#14 Kate Middleton

Source: Getty Images

Kate Middleton had trouble at St. Patrick’s Day parade when her heel stuck in a grate.
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