25 Fascinating Pareidolia Examples That You Can't Help But Looking Twice

Have you ever found yourself spotting faces in everyday objects? If you answered "yes," you have just experienced a phenomenon known as pareidolia! Pareidolia is when you see a human-like image in a pattern where there is none. Because our weird and amazing brains often make us seek human-like shapes and faces out of nothing, and that is also the reason why we constantly see them in things around us. So, when you see an angry face on your shoes, it will not necessarily mean that you have gone crazy. Continue reading to see times when people have experienced all the fascinating pareidolia just like you.
From wholesome pareidolia that will make you smile to creepy ones that will make your palms sweat, here are some of the most fascinating pareidolia examples that you will have to look at twice. So let's get ready to have fun (or spook out) by checking them out on our list below. Enjoy!

#1. Ok bye... get a new house.

Source: Heidi Lindsey Cato

#2. This is a very concerned faucet:

Source: Keith Thomas

#3. Someone’s excited about all that snow.

Source: Romanzo Zolanzo

#4. "I think I startled my ceiling."

Source: Kelsey Nehila Price

#5. This picture was taken in the 90s. The TV is not on.

Source: Giovanna Dispenza

#6. That look the alarm clock gives you after you slap it.

Source: Keith Thomas

#7. Once you see it

Source: Romanzo Zolanzo

#8. This eroded rock.

Source: Syed Hasham Shah

#9. And this stoned sid.

Source: Thomas Howard

#10. At the dentis...

Source: Niki Faraci

#11. Plantywise:

Source: Chanratana Hort

#12. Rodney Dangerfield, is that you?

Source: Young Molley Tŕàý

#13. Some one's very happy...

Source: Nicole Ballard

#14. It seems like the church is not pleased with all these sinners on Sunday.

Source: Sabrina Trismegistus Col

#15. Undercover doggo.

Source: Clayon Gunzelle

#16. Ever seen a burger that could take a bite out of you?!

Source: Syed Hasham Shah

#17. “Smile, in spite of all of the chaos around you”

Source: Romanzo Zolanzo

#18. Cheers! ?

Source: Andrea Jeßner

#19. A happy house with one tooth singing a song:

Source: Moni Arts

#20. The princh!

Source: Natasha Pereira

#21. "My brother sent me this"

Source: Natalie Jo

#22. Teehee.

Source: Lore Peters

#23. "Even my coffee cup didn’t want to get up this morning."

Source: Platypushat

#24. Little frightened guys.

Source: b00lik

#25. "Pulled the door handle off and he was as shocked as I was."

Source: MonsterPooper

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