29 Unusual And Interesting Finds That People Cannot Help But Share

Have you ever come across something interesting enough to snap a picture of but not quite interesting enough to share on social media? If your answer is "yes," then today we'd like to introduce you to a community that welcomes these types of pictures with open arms: the r/mildlyinteresting on Reddit.
The subreddit in question is a 21 million-strong community created in 2012 with the sole purpose of being a place for everyone to share all sorts of "mildly interesting," aka unusual and interesting finds in our daily lives. From a tree that looks like a giant broccoli to a college lad eating a whole block of cheese in class, these are some of the wildest, cleverest, and just plain coolest things people have discovered and shared. So get ready to dive into the land of stuff that isn't mind-blowingly cool but certainly isn't boring. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did; let's scroll down and check them out!

#1. "I bought some suspiciously perfect bananas yesterday."

Source: paigebennettblack

#2. They look like they overlap but don’t:

Source: SlipperyPockets

#3. This company not only understands dogs but also gave the value of two toys in one:

Source: jpellizzi

#4. This tree looks like straight-up broccoli.

Source: Bdogg242

#5. This guy was eating a wheel of cheese during a lecture:

Source: Heavysurf269

#6. "I got a warning for leaving my laptop unattended in the library."

Source: DealingwithDisorder

#7. This tree grew over the sign but under the paint.

Source: T3nacityDog

#8. "This window that makes my backyard look like it’s in 4 different seasons"

Source: pommiegurl130

#9. 4 generations of Honda Civics, in order of age, all in white:

Source: Chocolate1ce

#10. Well, it's easier to print a new label than to get the finger out.

Source: MarieCakeAntoinette

#11. Uber driver offered a conversation “menu” for his ride:

Source: That1Girrl

#12. A woman walking her child on a leash and her dog without a leash:

Source: alabamaman69

#13. The way this plate broke into almost even pieces:

Source: mmay_a

#14. You'll have to pay 50 cents to use the restroom, but there is a cutout for kids to use it for free.

Source: Prodigy829

#15. "Found the cliff this Clif bar came from."

Source: AnGabhaDubh

#16. This girl has partial heterochromia in both eyes:

Source: laney-rene

#17. The book "THE ANCIENT THIRST TO READ" it's actually a flask.

Source: ektylu

#18. This dog gently puts your knee into his mouth when he is happy to see you:

Source: heneedsomemilk101

#19. Instead of flowers, people bring sticks to this dog’s grave.

Source: MickTheAnt

#20. "When I went to Switzerland and happened to look exactly like this random wood statue"

Source: Blueskyblonde

#21. "Ken Jeong was a physician at the hospital I work at:"

Source: tim_mcmardigras

#22. "This picture of my parents never actually happened, but two separate photos that fit perfectly together."

Source: flowerboy00

#23. This guy huge "dad wallet"

Source: loercase

#24. "If you ever meet Steve Martin by chance, he gives you a card as proof you met him."

Source: Monkeytitan

#25. Three girls in the same row, wearing the same color sweater, with the same color hair:

Source: fall97

#26. "One cup of sand from every beach and desert I visited over the past 3 years."

Source: bojack-squarepants

#27. Nappies in Sweden have a father on the packaging:


#28. This broken car antenna looks like a half-sunken boat:

Source: ogre_easy

#29. Lastly, this cat rests her front paws on her tail to keep them off a cold surface:

Source: AutumnBegins

That is just too cute.
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