Jisoo And Camila Cabello Surprised Fan With Their Unexpected Duet At BLACKPINK’s Concert In LA

BLACKPINK is doing the group’s last shows for their North American leg with the Born Pink World Tour. A couple of days ago, Jisoo and Camila Cabello had an unexpected collaboration at their show in Los Angeles. 

#1. Jisoo Camila Cabello Unplanned Duet 

blackpink camila cabelloSource: Kompas

The member of BLACKPINK has done covers of Cabello’s hit song, Liar, since the group’s first tour date. Unlike her bandmates, Jisoo never released a solo single therefore she chose one of her favorite songs to perform in her solo performance. Yesterday, on November 20, 2022, the quartet held their last show in the US at Banc of California Stadium with over 20,000 attendees. The Havana singer showed up and surprised all Blinks (BLACKPINK’s fans) with her performance with Jisoo. She gave her best performance to fans and also, the best support to the girls. 
The coach of The Voice appeared with a BLACKPINK-inspired outfit, showing her love and support for the world’s biggest girl group. Afterwards, Jisoo thanked the former member of Fifth Harmony with a post on her Instagram account. “It was so much fun singing with you @camila_cabello ! Thank you for making my stage shine even brighter! ✨ P.S. Your outfit made out of our tour merch was SO cute!”

 #2. BLACKPINK Concert Is Breaking Records (Again) 

blackpink concert,Source: Twitter

The group made a comeback this year and earned major success. They are the most successful group this year with their milestones and records. Previously, the group topped No.1 on the Billboard 200. They also ranked no.1 several days on Spotify Global with their album tracks. Domestically, they might have lost their power compared to the new girl groups this year including IVE and NewJeans. 
Otherwise, the group stays on top of the K-Pop scene. Earlier this year, YG Entertainment (the group’s agency) also announced their world tour, the Born Pink World Tour. It includes more than 40 shows around the world in 4 different continents, Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America. Reportedly, their shows in Prudential Center, Newark grossed over $3 million each night and became the highest-grossing arena-concert of a girl group in history. Needless to say, they remain as the world’s biggest girl group.
Previously, there was a lot of talking about the girls’ performances. Several attendees claimed that they expected more from the girls, therefore, were disappointed. There are several videos on YouTube and TikTok focusing on their mistakes including missing dance moves, skipping lines and lip syncing. However, their devoted fans pointed out that the girls were doing so great. They gave their best to hype the crowds and to the songs. 

#3. There Will Be More Additional Shows 

 jisoo camila cabelloSource: Hypefun

The group just wrapped up the North American leg and will be performing in 7 different European cities. At the end of 2022, they would finish the European leg and head back to Asia. There and then, there are 14 different stadium-concerts in 9 countries across the continent. On June 21, 2023, the last show in Auckland, New Zealand will take place. Probably, they will head to Japan for a dome tour in this country and back home, Korea, for the finale. 
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