8 Famous Actors Revealed The Ultimate Dream Roles They’ve Never Gotten To Play

Many believe that a highest-paid actor can score any role they want. However, it’s not true. Plenty of actors who own a great number of fans, have to wait for their ultimate dream roles and may not never land their desired roles of a lifetime.
For example, Scarlett Johansson always wanted to appear as a Disney princess on screen, or Jennifer Aniston wishes to be a superhero. Though they are talented actors and starred in many blockbuster films, it doesn’t mean they have fully fulfilled their career aspirations.
It is understandable that casting an actor who matches the role relies on some certain criteria and sometimes, fortune doesn’t smile on them. No matter what the reason is, we always believe that there are no limits to career ambitions and as long as they’re setting new goals for themselves, they’ll always be on the rise.
Below are 8 actors who shared about their dream roles. Click here, here, and here to see more.

#1 Scarlett Johansson — Disney princess

Source: © Captain America: Civil W** / Marvel Studios

Throughout her career, Scarlett Johansson has graced our screen in many powerful roles but her dream role is actually a Disney princess. Her daughter also wished to see her in a fairytale-like role but the actress is aware that it’s probably not going to happen. She admitted, “I’ve been asking for that job for the past 20 years, and nobody has booked me.”

#2 Tom Holland — James Bond

Source: © Spider-Man: Far from Home / Marvel Studios

Before portraying the coveted role of Spider-man, Tom Holland’s had his eye on the iconic character, James Bond. He said, “Spider-Man is an absolute delight and privilege to play, but... should they want to do a younger James Bond you best believe I would be there.”

#3 Keanu Reeves — Wolverine

Source: © VALERIE MACON/AFP/East News

Though for the last couple of decades, Hugh Jackman nailed the role of Wolverine, Keanu Reeves has confessed that he’s “always wanted to play Wolverine.” However, he continued, saying that “it is too late” and that the role “was filled really well.”

#4 Millie Bobby Brown — Amy Winehouse

Source: © milliebobbybrown / Instagram

Millie Bobby Brown wished to portray Amy Winehouse in a biopic one day. She explained that the late singer was “an icon to R&B, blues, and basically the whole culture of music and she was impacted by her whole story.

#5 Daniel Radcliffe — Spider-Man

Source: © Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 / Warner Bros. Pictures

The Harry Potter star had expressed his admiration for Tom Holland who portrayed Spider-Man. He said he would have been a good Spider-Man but he acknowledged that “the boat has sailed on that”.

#6 Jennifer Lawrence — Bridget Jones

Source: © The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 / Lionsgate Films

Jennifer Lawrence really wanted to appear as Bridget Jones on screen. Whenever she doesn’t feel great, she watches this. She shared, “That’s the movie I put on when I am homesick, although England is not my home”.

#7 Gugu Mbatha-Raw — Cleopatra

Source: © gugumbatharaw / Instagram

Cleopatra has been the actress’ long-time idol. She said, “I’ve been obsessed with her since I was about 12. The power of her as this female leader is just so iconic. Cleopatra is my dream role, so any chance I get to wear something that feels Egyptian, I’m here for it.”

#8 Will Ferrell — Simon Cowell

Source: © Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy / Apatow Productions

The comedian shared about his dream role, the X Factor and American Idol judge, Simon Cowell. He explained, “It wouldn’t be that hard for me to play him because I see a lot of Ron Burgundy in Simon Cowell.”
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