10 Actors Who Shared Their Dream Roles They Would Do Anything To Portray

In the acting field, actors are offered the chance to serve different types of roles that help them gain more experience in the world of acting. However, some actors are waiting for landing their desired roles on the silver screen.
It is true that casting an actor for a movie is not a piece of cake. Directors not only have a script full of interesting details but need to believe in the cast. For example, just because Scarlett Johansson portrayed Black Widow, a powerful woman in Avengers despite not having any superpowers, doesn’t mean that she can’t take on the role of a Disney princess. Despite nailing one or more roles, many actors and actresses still cherish the hope that one day, they can immerse in their favorite characters.
If you’re curious about actors like them, keep scrolling down to see.

#1 Keanu Reeves as Batman

Source: Young Chris / East News, East News

In an interview, Keanu Reeves shared that Batman is his favorite character. When seeing Robert Pattinson embody the character, he praised Robbert’s performance and expressed the hope that he can play an older version of Batman in the future.

#2 Drew Barrymore in a movie with Adam Sandler when they’re old

Source: Adhemar Sburlati / East News

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler perfectly started in several successful romcoms together, so Drew hoped she’d like to make a film with Adam once when they’re older.

#3 Dwayne Johnson as King Kamehameha

Source: © The Scorpion King / Universal Pictures and co-producers

Since the day Dwayne Johnson stepped into Hollywood, he wished to land the Hawaiian King Kamehameha. In 2018, Dwayne, who is part-Samoan, announced that he was cast to play the legendary king for a movie.

#4 Constance Wu as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors

Source: Gilbert Flores / East NewsLittle Shop of Horrors / The Geffen Company

Constance Wu has always dreamed of playing Audrey in the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”. She shared, “I’d want to play Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors”. I just love musicals. I’m a big Chekhov fan because I was a theater person growing up. So I’d probably like to do some of that”.

#5 Christopher Lee as Gandalf the Grey

Source: © The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring / New Line Cinema and co-producers

Peter Jackson, the director of the “Lord of the Rings” revealed that Christopher Lee initially wanted to portray Gandalf the Grey, but Peter felt Ian McKellen fit the role. Eventually, Christopher Lee landed to play Saruman.

#6 Nina Dobrev as Lara Croft

Source: East News, © Lara Croft: Tomb Raider / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

Nina Dobrev wished to play Lara Croft, an intelligent, strong, and independent archaeologist in the movie “Tomb Raider”. However, Alicia Vikander got the role.

#7 Lea Michele as Fanny in funny Girl

Source: MICHAEL TRAN / East News,  © Funny Girl / Columbia Pictures and co-producer

Lea Michele can’t repress the feeling of delight when she was cast in her dream character as Fanny Brice in the movie “Funny Girl”. Before that, Barbra Streisand went to the role both in the theater and in the 1968 film adaptation.

#8 Chris Evans as Orin Scrivello in “Little Shop of Horrors”

Source: SOPA Images / East News,  © The Little Shop of Horrors / The Geffen Company

Chris Evans really wants to act in a musical movie, particularly playing Orin Scrivello in “Little Shop of Horror”. As a child, he used to perform in theaters and felt it was so amazing.

#9 Vanessa Hudgens as Catwoman

Source: Elizabeth Goodenough / East News, The Batman / Warner Bros. and co-producers

Many fans thought that Vanessa Hudgens would be the perfect Catwoman for a new “Batman” movie. After that, the actress posted an Instagram story with the hashtag “dream role” to express her interest in the character.

#10 Jason Momoa as The Crow’s Eric Draven

Source: Grosby Group / East News, The Crow / Crowvision Inc. and co-producers

Jason Momoa waited 8 years to breathe new life into The Crow’s Eric Draven only for the movie to be grounded. In an Instagram post, Jason expressed his sadness saying that the film “needs to be set free.”
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