Weird Designs That Are Totally Out Of This World

Creativity is very important in design. It's easy to understand why. Creativity allows designers to come up with a variety of ways of expression and innovation. It can also help them to create new products to solve existing problems in life. However, sometimes too much creativity can end up with waves of laughter. Take these cases of weird designs for example. Creativity transcends all limitations and has many people rolling on the floor laughing.
Below are 20 weird designs we have collected. Scroll down to check out. We are confident that these questionable and crazy designs will make you shake your head. Also, if you have stumbled upon any confusing designs, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

#1. Krapp Strapp will help you poo in nature hands-free

Weird DesignsSource: airbossmotiondecoys

#2. This bird table is quite charming

Weird DesignsSource: ViddyDoodah

#3. National geographic shark bus

Weird DesignsSource: Accomplished_Salt108

#4. I guess my world history class skipped quite a bit

Weird DesignsSource: not2useful

#5. This gun

Weird DesignsSource: TimelessChemistry

#6. This kitchen table

Weird DesignsSource: j3ffr33d0m

#7. Our municipality made bike lanes for us finally!

Weird DesignsSource: sarsina

#8. This unnecessarily zig-zag’d sidewalk

Source: drnick1988

#9. This underground garage gets jammed too easily

Source: proudlom

#10. Take only what you need

Source: wiggum4hire

#11. HP made the track pad the same texture as the rest of the laptop so its awful to use

Source: reddit

#12. When you play the Sims but forget to rotate

Source: orangejuice1234

#13. The low hanging fruit of crappy design

Source: unlocomqx

#14. A friend’s two-year old’s birthday cake

Source: randyfloyd37

#15. I hope the electrician knows the sprinklers schedule

Source: sause246

#16. So proud

Source: fague_doctor

#17. Really great minimalist billboard ad

Source: ibmwatsonson

#18. No broken legs I know of

Source: slepsteRwasTaken

#19. Worst doctor ever

Source: CosmoInColour

#20. Absolute UNIT found at a mall

Source: LucklessList828

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