Did Black Adam Flop Or Not? Even Dwayne Johnson Could Not Save DC 

The movie was very much anticipated for opening up a new phase for the rebooted DC Universe. However, seemingly things did not turn out as expected. Did Black Adam flop? How bad is that? 
Let’s simply find out in this post. 

#1. Black Adam Flop or Hit? 

did black adam flop Source: WB

Black Adam was announced years ago with The Rock being its leading actor. The movie announcement excited all the fans and audiences for the first appearance of Black Adam in a blockbuster movie. In DC Comics, Teth Adam is a major character who is a notable antihero. Just like Shazam, he got the powers from the Council of Wizards. However, because of his animosity, he could not become a true hero who could protect others without massive killing. Therefore, he was imprisoned for over 5000 years until he got released again. The movie also featured a cameo from Henry Cavill, reprising his role as Superman. 
Every Warner Bros. and DC’s movie has been a hit or a miss throughout the years. They have released some major movies such as Aquaman, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad. Meanwhile, there are also less successful feature films including Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad and Birds Of Prey. Notably, these movies all premiered during the pandemic. 
The movie performed well on its first days in the theater. For the opening week, it grossed $67 million domestically. Internationally, the movie earned WB and DC $75 million. In total, the result is a respectable $142 million. However, just like other movies in the DC Extended Universe, the box office has inclined gradually from the first week. So far, The Rock’s latest movie surpassed $350 million at the worldwide box office. Overall, it is not a total flop. But with an underwhelmed performance like this, it’s rather disappointing and so much less than expected. It’s fair to say that the movie had a great start but could not maintain its success eventually.  

#2. Comparison To Other DC’s Movies 

black adam box office flopSource: WB

Earlier this year, WB and DC also released Batman starring Robert Pattinson. Despite all the underestimation at the beginning, the movie is actually a hit and earned over $700 million worldwide. Moreover, it is also one of the most critically acclaimed DC movies recently. Sadly, Black Adam ranked fourth from the bottom in the list of the highest-grossing movies of the DCEU. It only performed better than 3 movies that premiered mid-pandemic. 

#3. Comparison To Other Johnson’s Movies 

black adam flop or hitSource: WB

The Rock is one of the most popular actors in the whole world. He also has a long list of successful franchises including Fast & Furious, Jumanji and several other feature movies. There are several movies that he starred in and grossed from $800 million to over $1 billion. However, his recent movies did not perform as well as his previous movies. The budget of this movie is estimated around $200 million without marketing costs. Technically, it’s not a total flop but rather a failure from WB and DC once again. 
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