Black Adam’s Mid-Credit Explained: Is Henry Cavill Returning As Superman To The DCEU? 

Black Adam is currently Warner Bros.’ DCEU hit movie at the box office. The release of this movie also turns on some green lights in the timeline of this cinematic universe. One of the scenes that is getting a lot of attention is the film’s mid-credit. Is Henry Cavill returning as Superman in the upcoming films? 
Let’s find out in this post. 

#1. Black Adam Reveals Who Is Coming Back 

Source: WB

It is now the highest-grossing blockbuster from the box office, earning more than $140M since the release. The movie introduces a brand new character to the DCEU, Teth Adam. He is one of the most powerful beings that has ever been shown in the history of this superhero franchise. Moreover, it also sets a new milestone for being the first official work in Phase 1 of this universe.
In attempts to expand and evolve this promising cinematic world, WB is working harder than ever by debuting several new characters and releasing sequels. The studio has scheduled to release The Flash, Aquaman 2, Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Blue Beetle in 2023. 
If you are spoiler-sensitive, please skip the rest of this part. It will reveal the content of Black Adam. In the mid-credit of the film, Amanda Waller warns Black Adam with people “who aren’t from this planet”. And guess who? Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent appeared and said “It’s been a while since any one made the world this nervous”, teasing a great battle between these two powerful characters. Henry Cavill returns in Black Adam and officially reprises his role.

#2. Henry Cavill Coming Back As Superman In Next Movies As He Confirmed Himself 

Henry Cavill returning as Superman 35Source: WB

On October 24, the official Twitter of DC Comics tweeted “Look! Up in the sky…” and drove all Superman’s fans crazy. Previously, both the actor and the studio confirmed that his journey in the DCEU was done. However, seemingly there has been a turning point for both of them. Immediately, the actor also posted on his social media accounts, stating that he would return as Superman in the upcoming works in the DCEU. Even though it’s not so surprising since many of us have seen him in Black Adam, it’s still great news to see the first superhero in this universe having an official comeback. “The dawn of hope renewed. Thank you for your patience, it will be rewarded.”, he wrote.

#3. What Might We Expect In The Future? 

Henry Cavill returning as Superman Source: WB

In fact, Superman also returned (though did not show his face) in 2019 Shazam!. Also, the mid-credit also reveals what the movie featuring Superman and Black Adam would be like. In comics, they are rivals to each other for many times. Possibly, there will be a Superman Vs. Black Adam movie, or even Superman/Shazam Vs. Black Adam movie. The sequel for the Superman movie, Man Of Steel 2, is also highly anticipated. Because obviously, the most famous superhero from DC did not have enough showtime with only one feature movie. Either way, Henry Cavill returning as Superman is already great news and worth waiting for. 
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