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  1. #1. Why Were Sheep Walking In Circles In China?

Why Were Sheep Walking In Circles In China?

Why Were Sheep Walking In Circles In China? Here we go! In the northern region of China known as Inner Mongolia, hundreds of sheep have been observed moving inexplicably in a circular pattern for the past 12 days.
According to a story from the New York Post, the peculiar behavior was captured on a surveillance camera and showed a big flock of sheep repeatedly traveling in a clockwise direction in what appears to be a near-perfect circle on a farm. Some additional sheep can be seen looking on from the perimeter of the rotation, while others can occasionally stand still in the middle of the group.

#1. Why Were Sheep Walking In Circles In China?
People's Daily, a state-run publication in China, tweeted a video of the peculiar event on Wednesday. The publication also reported that the sheep are in excellent health and that the reason for the behavior is still a mystery. Flash allows you to stream any news story at any time. One location for more than 25 news channels. First time with Flash? Have the first month on us. This offer will only be available for a limited time >
According to Metro, the owner of the sheep, who has been identified only as Ms. Miao, stated that the show began with just a few sheep until the rest of the herd joined in. Even though there are 34 sheep pens on the property, only the sheep housed in pen number 13 have been behaving in this manner. Some people believe that the sheep's behavior could result from a bacterial ailment known as Listeriosis, also known as the "circling disease."
Sheep Walking In Circles In China Source: Youtube
"In the early stages of the disease, affected animals display symptoms including anorexia, depression, and disorientation. According to the Merck Manual, "they may circle toward the injured side, propel themselves into corners, or lean on stationary objects." According to the Merck Manual, outbreaks are often because of damages or poor-quality silage. This is the most common cause of outbreaks.
On the other hand, mortality typically occurs in sheep and goats between 24 and 48 Hours following the first observance of symptoms.
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