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  1. #1. What Happened To the Packers' QB?
  2. #2. Aaron Rodgers Broken Thumb Injury

Aaron Rodgers Broken Thumb Injury: Updated Status

Searching for Aaron Rodgers broken thumb injury? Here we go! Since the final seconds of the Packers' defeat to the Giants in Week 5, Aaron Rodgers has been suffering with a thumb injury. After the Packers' home loss to the Titans in Week 11, Rodgers didn't seem like he saw any improvement in the ailment.
Rodgers concluded the game with a completion percentage of 24 of 39, 227 passing yards, and two touchdowns, although he unusually missed a handful of layup throws. There was considerable speculation as to whether or not the thumb played a role in his performance on Thursday night.

#1. What Happened To the Packers' QB?

Aaron Rodgers Broken Thumb Source: Getty Images
After the game, Rodgers provided an update on the ill appendage that he had been talking about. He would not cite that as a cause for his performance falling below expectations:
I couldn't tell you, point to one item, and I'm not going to make any excuses about my thumb because it hasn't changed since I was in New York. I have to go back and take another look at it. I believe that, fundamentally, I was in a decent situation; nevertheless, I simply was not able to maintain the same type of consistent grip, and the ball did not come out in the same manner. Tonight, I was very shaky and threw a lot of wobbles. Even though there was wind, I still missed a few throws I should have made. Both the one to Sammy (Watkins) and the one to Allen (Lazard), without a doubt, both of those.

#2. Aaron Rodgers Broken Thumb Injury

Aaron Rodgers Injury
The injury to Rodgers' thumb has been one of his primary concerns throughout the 2022 season, alongside the wide receiver room's lack of depth. There have also been instances of poor decision-making and inaccurate information being provided.
That should be a reason for concern for Rodgers, especially considering that he was coming off one of the finest 2022 performances of his career in the Packers' victory over the Cowboys in Week 10. (14-of-20 passing, three touchdowns, 224 yards).
To Rodgers' credit, he acknowledged multiple times at the beginning of his press conference that he needs to improve his throwing accuracy and maintain better contact with his receivers. That is something that Rodgers needs to probably rectify right now, considering that the 4-7 Packers appear poised to throw a Hail Mary at their hopes of making the playoffs heading into Week 12.
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