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  1. #1. Darrell Brooks Criminal History
  2. #2. Darrell Brooks & Christmas Parade

Darrell Brooks Criminal History: No Mercy For Him!

Searching for Darrell Brooks criminal history? Here we go! The trial of Darrell Brooks, 40, who is accused of killing six and injuring more than sixty others at the Waukesha Christmas parade in November 2021, begins on Monday, October 3. Brooks has a felony record dating back to 1999 when he cut another man's face with a knife.
For over twenty years, Brooks has been in and out of prison for various criminal offenses, including domestic violence, child sex crimes, guns, drugs, and battery. Why Was Darrell Brooks In Wheelchair?

#1. Darrell Brooks Criminal History

Darrell Brooks Criminal History Source: Getty Images
Milwaukee County Court Documents From September 1999
ACCUSATIONS: Being an accessory after the fact to the serious battery/inflicting serious bodily injury
CASE RESOLVED: Guilty/no contest in December 1999
PUNISHMENT: Two years suspended, three years of probation, and six months in the House of Correction
Milwaukee County Court Documents From February 2002
CHARGES: Second or subsequent offense for marijuana possession
May 2002 verdict of guilty/no contest
Prison time of 50 days with work release and a six-month license suspension.
MASSIVE CASE: Submitted to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in January 2003
Resistance to or obstruction of a law enforcement officer


CAS: Documented in Wood County in February 2010
Strangulation/suffocation (with prior conviction), violence, and criminal property damage are the charges at hand.VERDICT: Found guilty of strangulation in April 2010
Sentence: ninety days in jail with work release and three years of probation (stayed).
CAS: Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, March 2011
CHARGES: Interfering with a law enforcement officer
37 days in the county jail with work release.
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin; Complaint lodged in November 2011
CHARGES: Second or subsequent offense for marijuana possession
180 days in a correctional facility with work release.
Case Documents: Milwaukee County, December 2011
Drug possession and a minor offense of skipping bail are the accusations against the defendant.March 2012 verdict: GUILTY
SENTENCE: One hundred eighty days in prison with work release.

#2. Darrell Brooks & Christmas Parade

Darrell Brooks Christmas Parade
The prosecution claims that on the evening of November 21, 2021, Brooks met his ex-girlfriend in Frame Park; she is the same woman he was accused of killing with his red SUV earlier that month. She called the police and said she and him had gotten into an argument in his SUV before he started driving and that he "was driving around with one hand and striking her in the face with the other hand." She managed to break free and signal for assistance.
Prosecutors claim that shortly after that, Brooks drove the red SUV through the parade route, killing eight people: Jackson Sparks, 8, and Virginia Sorenson, 79. LeAnna Owen, 71; Tamara Durand, 52; Jane Kulich, 52, and Wilhelm Gospel, 81. Sixty-plus additional people were injured.
Brooks was apprehended in the hours following his confession to a Waukesha resident that he was homeless and waiting for an Uber on the night of the attack. The man welcomed Brooks into his home without realizing what had happened. After first pleading not guilty in February, Brooks changed his plea to one of insanity in June. On September 9th, he abandoned the insanity defense.


Darrell Brooks criminal history
Judge Jennifer Dorow determined on Wednesday, September 28, that Darrell Brooks is competent to defend himself; therefore, he is. Because Brooks wanted to represent himself, his lawyers withdrew and told the court of their decision. Dorow questioned Brooks throughout two afternoons about whether or not he was aware of the charges against him and the potential consequences during the hearings on this motion.
During those proceedings, Dorow testified that she studied the reports of four psychologists who had evaluated Brooks and agreed with their assessment that he is clever and articulate enough to defend himself despite having a personality disorder and being disruptive.
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