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  1. #1. Official Darrell Brooks Sentencing Verdict: Sentenced To Life
  2. #2. Brooks Never Offered "A Sincere Apology"

Official Darrell Brooks Sentencing Verdict: Sentenced To Life

Searching for the Darrell Brooks sentencing verdict? Here we go! Six times over, Darrell Brooks will serve his life sentences in jail for the damage he did at the 2021 Waukesha Christmas Parade, which claimed the lives of several people and left many more injured. His punishment Waukesha city authorities acknowledged the closure of a tragic chapter in the city's history on Thursday, including a recap of recent news stories surrounding Brooks and a preview of planned Christmas celebrations one year after the 2021 incident.
On Wednesday, Judge Jennifer Dorow of the Waukesha County Circuit Court formally sentenced Brooks to six consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole for the first-degree intentional homicide of Tamara Durand, Wilhelm Gospel, Jane Kulich, Leanna Owen, Virginia Sorenson, and Jackson Sparks. Why Was Darrell Brooks In A Wheelchair?

#1. Official Darrell Brooks Sentencing Verdict: Sentenced To Life

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Brooks was also given 25 years for each of the six hit-and-run convictions concurrent with the reckless endangerment charges, for 762 years of original incarceration and 305 years of extended supervision. During sentencing, Judge Jennifer Dorow disproved the defendant's claims of mental illness and more. Dorow spoke for three hours before sentencing, addressing the court on the facts of the case.
Given the tone of the remarks on Wednesday, she began by addressing the allegations Brooks and his family made that mental illness played a role in the incident during the parade. Dorow stated that she had reviewed four studies from medical psychology experts about Brooks' mental state that were first prepared because of his insanity plea. Brooks had initially pled not guilty because of the mental defect but later withdrew this plea.
On Wednesday, Darrell Brooks was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release by Judge Jennifer Dorow of the Waukesha County Circuit Court. And she encouraged him, "you deserve it." She finally confirmed that none of those reports backed up that unusual request. Dorow emphasized the 24-page report's examination of several data, including mental health paperwork, saying, "I don't want there to be any doubt that this trial was lacking something." I have no question in my mind that Mr. Brooks is capable. That was never a source of anxiety for me during this ordeal.

Darrell Brooks Sentencing Verdict Is Sentenced To Life

Darrell Brooks
Dorow mentioned that the individual's history of mental health reports indicated an anti-social personality condition but not a mental disease that may have contributed to the incident during the parade. She referenced a report where a doctor said the patient lacked "remorse" and "respect for the rights of others." Dorow remarked, "There is no medication for individuals who do evil," He explained that Brooks knows right from wrong but "is motivated by his wrath." Ultimately, though, none of it explains why Brooks committed the crime he did on November 21, 2021.
Dorow also discussed the parade episode in detail, based partly on trial testimony, beginning with the interaction with his ex-girlfriend at Frame Park. When Dorow attempted to address Brooks' violent relationship with his ex, whom he continued to denigrate, Brooks became irate and began shouting at her during her findings as part of the sentencing process. (As a result, he had to be transported to a different courtroom.)

#2. Brooks Never Offered "A Sincere Apology"

Darrell Brooks Sentencing Verdict
Dorow emphasized in her sentencing memo that her decisions "are not about Mr. Brooks' conduct during this trial," instead focusing on Brooks' "tragic moments that were frankly avoidable" on November 21, 2021, when he struck over seventy individuals and then tried to flee the scene.
She said her sentencing was meant to bring closure to victims, particularly in light of the loss of life and "its reach throughout the community," Brooks was again taken from the courtroom for arguing with her as she began the sentencing portion. Dorow's sentencing was approaching, and the mood in the courtroom was solemn even as the gallery laughed quietly at Brooks' repeated efforts to return to the courtroom despite her plea that he vowed to stop his interruptions.


What was supposed to be a festive parade turned into a spectacle of violence, and Dorow summed up the gravity of the offense with one word: attack. She said he "chose to drive recklessly, intentionally, and savagely" into the gathering. Dorow noticed that Brooks did not exhibit any remorse as victims testified on Tuesday, and she added that this "total disdain for the life of anyone else" had an impact on her.
They may never tell them why, but she claimed all they gave them today was a "mental health" excuse. I looked for a silver lining. For a sincere apology, I had to wait. I just don't get it. "This is one of the most frustrating cases I've ever presided over," Dorow said.
Dorow dove into conversations he'd had with his ex-girlfriend and the mother of one of his children, revealing his "rage and anger" that manifested itself at the Christmas parade and revealing his "poor moral character." She justified her choice based on punishment guidelines, public safety, and justice for the victims of his violence.
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