4 Most Useful Strategies To Defeat 'Andrius' From Redditors 

The Wolf of the North, Andrius, is one of the weekly bosses in Genshin Impact. He can be found in Wolfendom and will only be available after you have completed Razor’s Story Quest. This battle is a challenge to test your fighting skills.

Here are the suggestions from Redditors to help you defeat Andrius.

1. Don't use anemo and cryo. Use potions, foods and a healer

2. Choose suitable characters

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 From Senoslavia, choose Beidou (semi-tank), Noelle (tank DPS), Jean (due to her massive healing she is basically tank healer), Ningguang (can work as impromptu semi-tank dps healer with Prototype Malice, even without constellation), Zhongli (tank dps).

Second thing is probably having a healer to deal with his constant damage, preferably you want to have: Noelle, Benett, Jean, Ningguang (with prototype Malice) or Qiqi (even though her damage in the fight might not be massive, her heal is).

Third thing is probably having supports that can make it easier to deal with Andarius gimmicks : Bow users to deal with running phase, Fischl to apply electro, Xiangling/Benett to do some with Pyro and so on and so on.


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 Cryo characters - Andarius is very resistant to cryo element, Kaeya would probably still make do with his physical attacks, since they're so stupidly strong.

Barbara - she applies wet to herself on E, though in the end she is also healer and if you want you can use other characters to battery up her Ultimate, because it's the only character that everyone can reliably have as a healer in this game.

Albedo - his flower gets destroyed all the time meanwhile fighting Andarius due to his sweeping attacks,

Anemo Traveler - Due to the nature of his kit, he doesn't deal a lot of damage and his charging E is actually very detrimental to him.

3. Divide into 3 phases:

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In general Andarius 1st phase is pretty simple, whenever the ice field happens he is gonna sweep around or jump into the area depending if the ice field is on him or out of his place.


If you're in front of Andarius he can front sweep that you should be able to Dash into and not get damaged too much, if you can time it well you can actually negate damage by i-frames/dodging the attack.

If you're in the back of Andarius he usually is gonna sweep his tail horizontally to get you off his Side/Back, though that attack is kinda less visible, it also make it easier to dodge, because it feels less delayed.

 Strategies To Defeat Andrius RedditorsSource: Reddit


At some point of the fight Andarius can start running in loops, there are some characters that can inherently deal damage to him rather safely while he is doing that like :Amber: Putting bunny in his way, Andarius can make it explode which deals pyro damage to him/ Bowmen: Shooting Andarius with fully-charged shot meanwhile he is trying to rush you (you need to time it just as he is about to run at you, otherwise he won't get interrupted fast enough)

Geo Traveler: Putting his Geo Block in Andarius way can make it explode which also deals damage to him if you have C2 on Geo Traveler.


Andarius 2nd Phase is basically a little bit boosted 1st Phase, with the difference that when he howls, he will start summoning ice rings on ground that will home onto you and deal ice damage for some time, meanwhile he himself can just sweep you with his regular front/side attacks.

4.  Use the iframe to dodge 

 Strategies To Defeat Andrius Redditors

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