Genshin Impact: 5 Tricks To Defeat Andrius You Must Know

The Wolf of the North, Andrius is perhaps the most difficult boss fight in Genshin Impact so far. With both Cryo and Anemo immunity, lowering the wolf king's HP proves a challenge for even veteran players.

With constant attacks from all angles in the second half of the fight, many players try to avoid this boss. However, there are strategies to defeat this boss.

1. Avoid the Frozen Ground

 How to defeat Andrius Source: PC Invasion

Most of Lupus Boreas' attacks will only hit anyone standing on frozen ground. Use this as a reference and stay away from the frozen floor so you dodge Andrius' incoming attacks!

2. Attack Andrius from a Distance

 How to defeat Andrius Source: Reddit

Lupus Boreas' attacks are mostly close-range. We recommend attacking Andrius from a distance using bow characters! If you don't have any well-built bow characters, you can also just dash in and out of attack range to deliver your blows.

3. Prepare for Andrius Second Phase

 How to defeat Andrius Source: Republic World

When Lupus Boreas' HP is reduced by half, he will immediately move to phase two and start with some charging attacks. Use this time to replenish your stamina and wait for your abilities to cool down. This way you can immediately use your Elemental Skills and Bursts to take Andrius down once he's vulnerable to your attacks again.

4. Defeat Andrius with Friends!

 How to defeat Andrius Source: Screen Rant

Defeating the Dominator of Wolves is much easier in Co-op mode, with friends bringing any characters you're missing! Check out our Friends and Co-Pp boards to find other players to fight Lupus Boreas with!

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