28 Cursed Dishes That Should've Been Banned From Existing In This Life

Creativity is welcomed almost everywhere, including in the kitchen. We can tell how enthusiastic and creative the cook is from the looks, smells, and flavors of their dishes. However, apparently, some people may have lost control of their creativity and taken food beyond ridiculous. In other words, the results of their creative minds are total kitchen disasters and far from being appreciated. May we introduce to you a beloved corner on Reddit known as r/StupidFood? This is a place for everyone to "lambast idiotic methods of serving food, or any other epicurean inanity worthy of ridicule".
Come take a look at our list of 28 stupid food that should never have existed posted by members of this online community. Scroll down with caution or you will break your screen!

#1. “Banana sushi” from a vegan restaurant in Boulder, CO. It was basically a $9 banana with nutella on it

Source: TacoTowelie

#2. "My mom baked her sushi in oil (until it's not raw anymore) and then put it between 2 slices of bread."

Source: janicelmaoo

#3. Interesting take on garlic bread

Source: culdusaq

#4. Chicken and Waffles Pizza

Source: filigreechickadee

#5. "What's wrong babe?"

Source: cenabollywood

#6. Where's the ramen?

Source: s2718362937

#7. How to start a war with Japan and Italy at the same time

Source: elahyani

#8. "I present to you my "I'm too high and lazy" mozzarella sticks"

Source: elahyani

#9. "So I heard some of y'all don't like tomatoes on your burger"

Source: Frioneon

#10. Edible rocks served on a bed of... real rocks

Source: mysterybkk

#11. That's not red velvet..

Source: SilentCitadel

#12. A handful of jam served on a plate at an upscale restaurant

Source: pabloiswatchingyou

#13. Gotta go fast

Source: trendchaser91

#14. "A BLT my mother was served at a diner in Michigan"

Source: Hanfpflanze

#15. Upside-down meat cone

Source: backleftwindowseat

#16. "Did I do it right?"

stupid foodSource: tehvillageidiot

#17. Chicken fried in Takis Blue Heat Chips

stupid foodSource: Cropine

#18. If you order a burger and it comes out like this, you can legally dine and dash

Source: chocolate_spaghetti

#19. Sushi Croissant

stupid foodSource: BillOakley

#20. Salmon challah “bread”

stupid foodSource: FaxedForward

#21. "I have nothing to say about this"

Source: lileasybakeoven

#22. Shrimp and Eggs!

stupid foodSource: iamdavidrice

#23. KFC fried chicken with mint chocolate dipping sauce

stupid foodSource: genshalene

#24. Mountain dew Dorito cheesecake

stupid foodSource: mercyless1

#25. "My roommate loves olives and it was his birthday"

stupid foodSource: chairman_moh

#26. "Suffered from an eating disorder last year and my sick brain loved pickle PB&Js"

stupid foodSource: claimish

#27. "Words cannot describe what I'm feeling right now"

Source: CreatureWarrior

#28. "Homemade Croque Madame but didn’t have ham so used a Pot Noodle instead"

stupid foodSource: Old-Blighty

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