18 Funny Pictures That Get Funnier When You Look At Them From A Closer Perspective

Another weekend is coming? How do you feel after long hard-working days? If you feel down and need something to boost your spirits, you've come to the right place. We have compiled a list of 18 funny pictures to crack you up after doing a little bit diving into the r/funny subreddit. This online community is Reddit's largest humour depository with about 44.8 million members who constantly post funny stuff with various different types of content.

From furry friends making amusing expressions to folks acting weird, many funny and ridiculous things were caught on cameras to send a long belly laugh to everyone around the world. Now, let's relax and fulfill your energy level with a good laugh by scrolling down to check out these funny pictures. Keep in mind that the closer you look, the weirder they get.

#1. Looks like someone dropped some bagels

Source: Ok_Ad_285

#2. “This seat will do nicely for my diaper b*tt!”

Source: Barnhay

#3. That’s one happy cat

Source: ShortyKodi

#4. This is a real place called "Love Valley." I wonder why

Source: starklyCoach

#5. I quietly changed a picture in my house to one I photoshopped to surprise my wife

Source: mandal0re

#6. Saw this at a bottle shop in Australia

Source: WankieTankie

#7. I used to work at the customer service desk

Source: Beerbrewing

#8. Umm, are you okay target?

Source: GetSmoked_INC

#9. Zoey has always been our son's Hydro Homie

Source: VibraniumDragonborn

#10. A tree fell on my fence. Making the best of it while I negotiate the repair

Source: the_future_is_wild

#11. How Halloween is celebrated in Australia

Source: AppleWithMayonnaise

#12. Looked out the window this morning and…

Funny PicturesSource: dfair3608

#13. My wife had my hang this up in our bathroom and didn't get why I was laughing the whole time

Funny PicturesSource: jahpizzie

#14. My sister's spare tire they put on for her

Funny PicturesSource: loanmagic24

#15. Honestly, I think I'll be going back to Macy's

Funny PicturesSource: BenFromMinnesota

#16. A coworker said there was a walk-in fridge in the break room……wasn’t disappointed

Funny PicturesSource: Pwnspoon

#17. Teacher in the Philippines asks engineering students to create their own anti-cheating headwear

Funny PicturesSource: Vaganhope_UAE

#18. I went to my coworker with a question and found him totally alert and focused on the job

Funny PicturesSource: rusty107897

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