25 Funny Beach Pictures That Went Too Far To Crack Us Up

Everyone loves summer. If you don't, I seriously doubt it. Summer is the best season for us to relax and fulfill our energy level after a series of hard-working days. Even if there are many things you can do at that time, going to the beach is a must-do. At the beach, you can enjoy the yellow sunlight and the salty smell of the ocean, eat lots of delicious snacks while watching the waves, get a gorgeous tan, and take funny beach pictures.
However, sometimes things don't turn out as we expect. There will be surprising incidents waiting to ruin our vacation. Like some of these people below, their fun was totally destroyed. Scroll down to check out 25 funny beach pictures. These will definitely crack you up. Also, don't forget to vote for your favs and share the list with your loved ones to make them laugh.

#1. So I went to the beach and saw this...

Source: wakefool

#2. Our family friends took their horse to the beach for the first time

Source: raizzark

#3. Going, going, GONE. My daughter and me at the beach

Source: irishwover

#4. Reading on the beach

Source: raymichel

#5. Married man enjoying the holiday in beach with his family

Source: mohamedirrfan

#6. Selfie, BEACH!!!

Source: bdrrr

#7. Spotted on South Beach...

Source: myfinnegan

#8. Christmas decorations are a little different in Virginia Beach during the daytime

Source: Michaelsj723

#9. A while back, we tried to take family photos at the beach. The results were...unexpected

Source: mainstreetsteve

#10. That feeling of panic when you realize you're being stalked by a beach giraffe

Source: RalphiesBoogers

#11. I guess bringing a folding lawn chair to the beach would have been ridiculous

Funny Beach PicturesSource: Bruised_Bergina

#12. So there was a rainbow at the beach today

Funny Beach FailsSource: TurtlesFuegoBacon

#13. Breakdancing at the beach

Funny Fails on The BeachSource: dummystupid

#14. Vacation goals

Funny Beach PicturesSource: HersheyStains

#15. "I didn't see anything"

Amusing Beach PicturesSource: pinterest

#16. Buried a friend in the sand and throw potato chips around his head - then came the seagulls

Hilarious Pictures On The BeachSource: reddit

#17. A day at the beach

Source: pinterest

#18. Small beach on big beach

Hilarious Pictures Taken On The beachSource: imgur

#19. The picture went too far

Hilarious Beach PicturesSource: pinterest

#20. Somebody is gonna lose their beach balls in 5...4.....3...

Funny Beach PicturesSource: Dr_Vory_killinger

#21. I went canoeing for the first time

Funny Pictures Taken On The BeachSource: rnagikarp

#22. Went to the beach and saw people walking their duck

Funny Pictures On The BeachSource: Fero_Zucks

#23. A better reality spotted at a beautiful, award-winning beach

Funny Beach PicturesSource: anthrolookseee

#24. “Safe inside my circle,” spotted on Jacksonville Beach

Funny Beach PicturesSource: BiggieBoiTroy

#25. Rare piper cub asleep on the beach

Funny Beach PicturesSource: bnihls

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