Harry Styles’ My Policeman: Is It A True Story?

One of the most anticipated movies currently is Harry Styles’ My Policeman. It is a beautiful, lyrical yet heartbreaking and haunting love triangle between 2 men and 1 woman. Even though the movie premiered for over a month, there are several details that we might have missed. 
In this post, let’s find out the unclear things from this movie. 

#1. Is My Policeman a true story? 

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My Policeman is based on Bethan Roberts’ novel of the same title. Even though both the novel and the movie are fictional, they got the inspirations from actual events and characters. The story about this triangle romance happened between writer E.M. Forster, policeman Robert “Bob” Buckingham and his wife May Buckingham. E.M. Forster wrote several book titles including A Room with a View, Howards End and A Passage to India. 
In fact, the story was even more dramatic and tragic. E.M. and Bob had their little love affair for 40 years and ended only when E.M. passed away due to a stroke when he was 91 years old. May once wrote that “Over the years he changed us both and he and I came to love one another, able to share the joys and sorrows that came.” 
The movie somehow delivers the best elements of their tragic, complicated loveline through an almost 2-hour-long movie. Significantly, the performances from the cast members including Harry Styles, David Dawson, Emma Corrin and Linus Roache, Rupert Everett with Gina McKee. The three aged actors portray the older selves of Tom, Patrick and Marion.

#2. Harry Styles’ My Policeman Review 

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The movie receives mixed reviews from critics and audiences. However, it’s quite an enjoyable movie which gives us a closer look at the queer community during the 1950s and how the society treated them. It’s clear that the characters in the movie all did something right and something wrong. Eventually, their biggest problems are their feelings. On top of that was the string that the old society got on them. 

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For Patrick, he was wrong to continue his love affair with Tom even though he was married to Marion. For Tom, he always tried to run away from his true self and all the problems he caused. And Marion, Marion “destroyed” Patrick by reporting him to the police. And for the public eye, it was so wrong of them to judge and imprison someone for their sexual orientations. 
Fortunately, the movie has a happy ending, at least for every character related. Tom and Patrick finally got the reunion that they have always wished for after decades. Marion also got her courage to leave the man that did not love her enough behind. Most significantly, the little touch and hug that Tom gave Patrick at the ending scene makes sense of everything they have got to each other. The movie is a great tribute to everyone who happened to be treated poorly in the old time for being themselves. Despite all the backlashes with its predictable storyline, the cinematography is also remarkable and gives off a sorrowful and nostalgic vibe. 
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