10 Worst Fashion Trends Of 2000s That Prove Fashion 20 Years Ago Was A Tragic Mess!

If you were born before the 1990s, then you probably won't be unfamiliar with some of the worst fashion trends of the 2000s. They are 'weird' but extremely popular fashion fads of this time period. At the time, flashy, sophisticated, boldly revealing fashion styles are strongly promoted by top Hollywood stars. For example, super low-rise sweatpants or Jeans that needed to be laced up in the front used to be on top of celebs’ fashion. Some fashion trends at that time were cumbersome, causing the wearer to put on a messy appearance. However, for some reason, those trends used to explode, causing many people to go crazy for them.
Fashion trends often tend to rotate according to the distillation and aesthetic needs and trends of customers. However, not every trend has received a supportive response to come back. Here are the 10 worst fashion trends of the 2000s, proving that fashion 20 years ago was a tragic mess and are not welcome back. Let's see and evaluate if you dare to wear them at the moment!
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#1 - Low-rise sweatpants

Low-rise sweatpants

Source: Garage Magazine - VICE

#2 - Very large ties

Very large ties


#3 - Very long scarves

Very long scarves

Source: BuzzFeed

#4 - Distressed bootcut jeans

Distressed bootcut jeans

Source:  Best Products

#5 - Shredded turtlenecks

Shredded turtlenecks

Source: BuzzFeed

#6 - Tie-on clothing, dress

Tie-on clothing

Source: BuzzFeed

#7 - Shirts that were laced up from the front

Shirts that were laced up from the front

Source: BuzzFeed

#8 - Invisible eyebrows

Invisible eyebrows

Source: University Girl

#9 - Jeans under dresses

Jeans under dresses

Source: Vogue

#10 - Jeans that needed to be laced up in the front

Jeans that needed to be laced up in the front

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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