27 Hilarious You-Had-One-Job Moments That Will Make You Easier On Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes. It is totally acceptable especially when people have to deal with tons of difficulties and obstacles. However, sometimes, people keep messing up miserably with their only job even though there is little scope for slip-ups. In some cases, their blunders are so silly that no one could believe they happen without any notice. That’s why the results often bother other people more than they should. While those screw-ups reflect irresponsibility at work, they often provoke hilarity at the same time. Maybe they have failed at their job but they will never fail at making us laugh.
If you're worried you haven't got your job done properly, we got your back! We have just gathered the 27 funniest “You had one job” fails to show you there are people out there who are just not meant for their job so you can feel better about yourself!

#1. Bought a melon, received a lemon

Source: visionarytune

#2. Someone needs help with the flavors and colors

Source: magicteddybear

#3. Long yellow things

Source: imtweakin24

#4. This layout designer should have another job

Source: sphincter_crumb

#5. It’s an attention check to make sure you’re not a bot, isn't it?

Source: spiderman51241

#6. Have A Good Die!

Source: onlyuseful

#7. The person making the sign was probably smoking

Source: PigConnor123

#8. Employees must applaud the planets?

Source: YouHadOneJ0B

#9. Puzzles were always difficult

Source: MrEase

#10. Give cyclists space...

Source: Damomk

#11. You're right, we're all wrong

Source: Katiepants

#12. Bro you have one job, just one

Source: CharlesIsaac

#13. "Back to school? Just what I need!"

Source: Jalaliep

#14. SOTP

Source: LarryPutsPineappleOnPizza

#15. We're You're Not 'Til Not Happy?

Source: FanTASticGeronimo

#16. A security door lacking security

Source: skatermario3

#17. Somebody doesn’t know their top and their bottom

Source: SquadGamr720

#18. Pumpkins are the new seedless watermelons

Source: LordOfPickles1

#19. Thinking of an "I" animal was too hard

Source: zealanderous

#20. Only Old and Upside down elders allowed to sit here

Source: DearestCheeseCake

#21. Somebody needs to go back to school

Source: ZootOfCastleAnthrax

#22. Teaching shapes to kids

Source: acryptocrat

#23. Take a right and then bunnyhop to your destination

Source: areyoureallysure

#24. "I think they want you to lean like Michael Jackson on Smooth Criminal"

Source: energy_tick

#25. "I swear I wasn’t drinking- it’s the road that was drunk!"

Source: cabbage-soup

#26. That's why it is called the Fire Engine

Source: Zekken_D

#27. A different way to wear T-shirt

Source: zingingcutie29

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