10 Worst Logos That Need To Be Blown Away As Fast As Possible!

According to marketing experts, a company’s logo is one of the most important tools in this industry. A beautiful, meaningful logo not only affirms your brand identity but also clearly expresses to customers who you are and what values ​​you bring to them. When designing a company logo, don't be lazy but spend enough time to come up with a really 'high-quality' logo. For this reason, the logo design industry has achieved a lot of success and the cost of designing a logo is not low. The worst logos will reduce the value of the business and cause customers to lose sympathy with them, even before trying their products.
In contrast, an eye-catching and concise logo will capture the attention of potential customers almost immediately. Surely every business wants to have a high-value logo. However, in some unlucky cases, the logos have been handed over to designers who have bad taste or did not put their heart into the work. As a result, they produced unforgivably bad logo designs. However, at least, they are quite funny and can help us de-stress after a long tiring day. Let's laugh together with the 10 worst logos of all time!
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worst logo 1

Source: Digital Synopsis


worst logo 2Source: smashinghub


worst logo 3

Source: Business Insider


worst logo 4

Source: Creative Bloq


worst logo 5

Source: Twitter


worst logo 6

Source: Business Insider


worst logo 7

Source: CLMB Marketing


worst logo 8

Source: Business Insider


worst logo 9

Source: Quora


worst logo 10

Source: Eatliver

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