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  1. #5 Looking at this beard, I think of fried onion rings

10 Weirdest Beards That Do Not Come From A Clown

Beards and mustaches are a characteristic of a man's masculinity. Sometimes, it is also a fashion mark and enhances the beauty of men. However, there are some people who love to create special beard and mustache styles, even to the point of being weird and ridiculous (no offense). Not everyone can grow beards long and thick enough for a variety of styling, so let's respect their personal preferences. Today, behold the top 10 weirdest beards that are not easy for people to see in everyday life. These beards do not belong to clowns but to ordinary people who are passionate about styling their beards and mustaches differently.
I think, when the masquerade holidays come, they don't need to spend too much effort to transform into special characters because they and their beards are already special enough. If you share the same passion as these interesting men, try designing your beard according to the patterns I share below:
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#1 This beard must belong to Hulk - the green giant

green beardSource: pinimg

#2 Questionnaire beard

questionnaire beardSource: mensxp

#3 How can the mustache curl upwards like that? Fantastic!

round and round beardSource: mensxp

#4 Bat beard

bat beardSource: mensxp

#5 Looking at this beard, I think of fried onion rings

onion round beard

Source: My Modern Met

#6 Yes! I know it is beard. It doesn't need a subtitle

beard beard

Source: Reader's Digest

#7 Put some fresh flowers on top, and we have a beautiful flower wall hanging

net beard

Source: Crazy for Fiber - TypePad

#8 Spider beard - it may belong to Spiderman when he gets old

spider beardSource: ranker

#9 Pirates of the Caribbean Jack should try this beard style

octopus beard

Source: Reuters

#10 Such a masterpiece! This beard looks exactly like a 3D painting, right?

windmill beard

Source: Reader's Digest

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