20 Useless But Very Cool-Looking Things You Can Learn To Impress Others

Even the most useless ability is fantastic to have.
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Everyone has that one friend who appears to have an infinite number of secret abilities. At a party, you could see them moonwalking, lighting a match with one hand, or expertly sharpening a knife before slicing vegetables for a Green Goddess salad. They look to be full of classy life skills and entertaining party antics, like some sort of super-cool movie character, and are always all kinds of remarkable.
Even while these odd abilities sometimes appear to be almost magical when you see them in action, most of the time, all it takes to develop a variety of skills is some time and work.
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#1How To Gird Up Your Loins When The Wedding Party Is Over


#2Ima Do This

Source: MyManOwen

#3How To Tell Apart Various Language Writings

Source: lalala253

#4How To Float

Source: Omith12

#5How To Split A Donut

Source: Rasrockey19

#6How To Make A Grim Reaper Puppet Using Your Sleeve And Hand

Source: VengarTheRedditor

#7How To Make An Amazing Sofa Fort

Source: ElMasChingon-JoshEMC

#8How To Properly Peal A Post-It Note From The Stack

Source: Real_Floop

#9How To Make A Shadow Turtle

Source: 1Blackleaf

#10How To Make A Shower For A Small Bird

Source: Penguin_Pantaloons

#11How To Make A Pants Backpack

Source: XenobiaXD

#12Well, Then

Source: bombing

#13Learn How To Draw A Sheep

Source: hufflestork


Source: longlivethedodo

#15Does Learning Strange Spoken Language Rules Count?

Source: matchatia

#16How To Shake Ankles

Source: gridzbispudvetch

#17The Gentlemans Guide To Amputation

Source: PillowDan

#18How To Survive Being Buried Alive

Source: tigantango

#19 Nato Phonetic Alphabet


#20 How To Fold A Napkin To Fit Three Pieces Of Silverware

Source: Puppyshiz

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