11 Unbelievable Accomplishments By Famous People

We often love celebrities for what they do best at their profession, and little would anticipate more of them. However, there are still some celebs who indeed have performed incredible feats and achieved incredible milestones. Below are some of the most prominent celebs with the best accomplishments.

1. Prince designed and named the Purpleaxxe keytar.

Source: CNN

He is the sole inventor on a patent for a keytar which he called the Purpleaxxe. The instrument made appearances on stage more than once, but it’s unclear if Prince himself ever played it.

2. Natalie Portman has serious science cred.

Source: Shutterstock

As a student at Syosset High School on Long Island in the late 1990s, Portman made it to the semifinals of a very demanding research competition, while also carrying out an investigation into a new method of turning waste into useful forms of energy.

3. Kristen Stewart helped write a paper on A.I.

Source: Lionsgate

The paper, released on ArXiv, describes experiments with style transfer (using machine learning to transform one image into another’s artistic technique and color profile) that they used while making Come Swim, Stewart’s screenwriting debut.

4. David Schwimmer saved the day.

Source: Mirror

Ross from Friends helped the New York Police by giving them footage of a violent fight that broke out outside his apartment. Police were able to apprehend one man, while another was taken to the hospital with stab wounds.

5. The secret to Micheal Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” move? A shoe he invented.

Source: YouTube

Jackson designed a special shoe with a triangular slot in the heel, which hooked onto a metallic peg that came up from the stage floor at the right moment. This allowed him to lean forward at an impossible angle without collapsing.

6. Ashton Kutcher gave evidence in a murder trial.

Source: Shutterstock

On one Valentine’s Day, Michael Gargiulo allegedly murdered Ashley Ellerin, who Ashton had plans to go on a date with. He knocked on her door, but when nobody answered, he left. The next day he found out she had been brutally stabbed in her own bathroom just minutes after he arrived.

7. Selena Gomez helped solve a murder case.

Source: Getty

Over one weekend Gomez helped amateur sleuths solve a real-life cold case at CrimeCon Chicago. The event was organized to help bring peace to Kurt Sova’s family by solving his murder.

8. Jamie Lee Curtis made a diaper with a built-in wipe holder.

Source: Twitter

Curtis invented a souped-up diaper with a waterproof baby wipe-holding compartment (wipes included). This “infant garment” makes the process of changing diapers much simpler.

9. Johnny Cash was a badass secret agent.

Source: AP

The Man in Black got his start in the military, where he was a top secret Morse Code operator. Cash intercepted a message about Joseph Stalin’s death, which was huge at the time because of the Cold War.

10. Former supermodel Naomi Campbell testified in The Hague.

Source: AP

Campbell testified at the trial of former warlord and President of Liberia Charles Taylor, who was charged with war crimes committed in Sierra Leone. She was called to testify after allegedly accepting a diamond as a gift from Taylor in 1997. There is no suggestion that she knew the diamond’s possible origin.

11. Marlon Brando created a new tuning system for conga drums.

Source: Getty

In addition to acting, Brando was also passionate about conga drums. He went as far as to create a new tuning system for them, and invent a motorized device to help tune the drums more easily.
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