15 Funniest Quotes Ever That Make You Unable To Stop Laughing!

Humor carries the power of optimism. Humorous people easily handle awkward situations with just one sentence, helping them build relationships. Humor helps change a person's depressed mood, helping them find the joy, confidence, and psychological balance needed after experiencing disappointments in life. British writer William Makepeace Thackeray once said, "Life is a mirror. If you laugh at it, it will laugh with you. If you cry with it, it will cry with you." Thus, sometimes, the way to overcome problems is to learn to smile. Humor also always helps you conquer others. A person who is always cheerful and funny will make friends a lot easier. Therefore, always find something funny on the Internet to entertain and laugh a lot when you're tired! After a tiring day at work, this collection of the funniest quotes ever will leave you laughing.
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1. People with obesity with definitely love this. What a great encouragement!

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2. Wives often have hidden power and you should not offend them

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3. Life is full of surprises

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4. Dreams in bed are true dreams, but hey lazy, that's not the 'dream' we aim for!

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5. Give up and run away. Women are not the object you should tease!

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6. Simple but right choice (Just kidding!)

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7. Yes, I'm fat and I totally agree!

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8. My conversation with my wifi signal every day

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9. The deep pain that I want to bury...

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10. Oh well, really? Let me see...Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. OMG it's truly WTF!

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11. Don't argue with me, this is the GOD truth!

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12. Great example for the concept of 'third person'

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13. Whatever you do, it will be against the woman's will, so it's best to sit still and wait for her command.

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14. And you will receive the 'caring' you want!

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15. YAY! I love weekends. I'm dying to wait for Friday!

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