26 Frustrating Moments That Can Make Your Blood Boil

Things don't always go your way, and it's human to get upset over it. Imagine you wake up earlier than usual, feel so ready to start your day, and go out with all guns blazing, but all it takes is just one frustrating moment and your whole day (or even a whole week) will be totally ruined. Sometimes, it's even hard to tell how much trouble you may get involved in after that. For instance, you might accidentally break the key to a very important room while trying to unlock it. Of course, the very first reaction of your brain is often to get angry and disappointed. However, it would be much of help to view things with a sense of humor.
Take a deep breath before scrolling down to check out our selection of the 26 most irritating situations that will drive anyone up the wall. Don't forget to share them with your friends!

#1. "12 am and I just wanted to eat something I enjoy and I burnt myself and knocked it off the counter with the microwave door…"

frustrating MomentsSource: LonelyLoser24

#2. "Candle exploded for some reason. Ruined my TV. Thanks, Target."

frustrating MomentsSource: JaeFinley

#3. The inside of a cheesy sausage burrito from Taco Bell

frustrating MomentsSource: tmoney9990

#4. "I don’t know this girl. She also kept putting my window shade down after I would put it up"

frustrating MomentsSource: plantopia

#5. "Friend opened his laptop next to me and gave me instant anxiety"

Source: Karnol12369

#6. $30 medication for severe allergies

Source: owoinator268

#7. "This is how my sister eats a big mac"

frustrating MomentsSource: Zatjam

#8. Ordered some nuggets... got a nugget box full of big Mac sauce instead"

frustrating MomentsSource: Zatjam

#9. When water adheres down the side of the glass.

frustrating MomentsSource: Solidwoden

#10. My uncle's suitcase after his flight.

frustrating MomentsSource: an0nym0ose

#11. The vegan option served at a fancy end of conference dinner.

frustrating MomentsSource: mgntylr

#12. "My roommate bites her butter then drops it on the pan when she cooks"

frustrating MomentsSource: reignthepain

#13. "My Uber driver has a piss bottle sitting inches away from my foot"

Source: k_pickles

#14. Foot on armrest

Source: leavethisearth

#15. "Something took a bite of my pineapple"

Source: Deadmanwater

#16. A week ago they built the steps. And yesterday it rained

Source: a9ZOc

#17. There is an 11 day bin man strike in Edinburgh and this is only day two.

Source: reddit

#18. "Neighbors friend decided last night that this apparently was the best place to park, making both my SO and I late for work"

Source: Tight_Stranger_5676

#19. "Roommates rice cooker has turned into brain-like tissue. He refuses to clean it, and leaves it on the shared kitchen counter."

Source: tshoe777

#20. "Neighbour built a community library. Last night someone dumped chili and cat food inside"

Source: Extric_Atorium

#21. "My girlfriend had a USB stick in her kebab"

Source: KingofCoconuts

#22. "I work at a movie theatre and this is a regular occurrence…"

Source: Key-Disaster-3682

#23. "The "Grilled cheese Reuben" I spent $15 and and over an hour waiting for"

Source: Educational_Let3723

#24. "Key broke off inside the lock to a very important work door. Wonder how much trouble I am in"

Source: Twaynesty

#25. "My roommate threw out my food to make room for her salad mixes in the fridge"

Source: m48_apocalypse

#26. "My mother destroyed my screen, because my dogs woke her up."

frustrating MomentsSource: Radioaktivman999

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