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  1. #1. Is Lebron James Requesting Trade?

Is Lebron James Requesting Trade? Did Lebron Request A Trade?

Is Lebron James Requesting Trade? On Wednesday, a recently verified Twitter account pretending to be the Lakers star led many fans astray into believing that LeBron James had requested a trade to a team other than the Los Angeles Lakers. James has not expressed any interest in being traded away from Los Angeles.
The fraudulent activity was directly attributable to the $US8 blue check-mark launch that Elon Musk conducted. Someone using the alias "@kIngjamez" carried out the scheme while they were logged into their online account.

#1. Is Lebron James Requesting Trade?

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It tweeted, "I am officially demanding a trade." "I am officially requesting a trade." Thank you, #LakersNation, for all of the support you've given us throughout the years. On to greater and more favorable things! This is the boy from Akron, and I'm coming home."
The genuine name of James' Twitter account is @KingJames, and his most recent post was an advertisement for a video game. Many people who did not thoroughly study either the handle or the verification explanation fell for the imposter account because of the minor spelling change.
In another recently confirmed account, the user pretended to be an ESPN source named Adam Schefter and said that Josh McDaniels had been fired from his job as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. In the meantime, the account in question was shut down, but its profile picture was the same as Schefter's.

Did Lebron Request A Trade?

Is Lebron James Requesting Trade
Before Twitter shut them down, these accounts had gotten thousands of retweets. They were not even close to being one-offs. An online profile purported to belong to free agent closer Aroldis Chapman stated that he would be extending his contract with the Yankees for another three years.
Someone paid $8 to impersonate Connor McDavid, a superstar player for the Oilers and then claimed that the team traded him to the Islanders. Both of the accounts were put on hold as well. In his role as the newly appointed CEO of Twitter, Musk has justified his choice to offer verification checks to generate revenue for the firm.
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