29 Hilarious Moments When Kids Did Something Innocent But Looked Dirty As Hell

Kids frequently act or speak without thinking about their actions. That is why we adore these little ones. And that is also the reason why shows such as Kids Say the Darndest Things and Little Big Shots are very popular. We know they'll come up with anything, and we can't get enough of it. But there are occasions when they appear to go a little too far, and a scenario can shift from innocent to downright uncomfortable. However, it is not uncomfortable for the kid, but for their mom and dad. Keep reading because we've compiled a list of the funniest instances when kids were captured doing something innocent but looked dirty as hell.

So whenever this awkward moment occurs, you will have to decide what kind of parent you will be: will you be filled with embarrassment and shame, or will you turn to the people around you and laugh it off and find joy in the innocence of children? We think we will be the parent who pulls out their camera and takes a picture to show their kid when she is all grown. And that is what these folks below were thinking. So, let's scroll down and laugh at these "innocent things" these youngsters did that their parents couldn't help but put on the Internet. Enjoy!

#1. At Disney, the daughter said, "Mom take a picture of me giving Rafiki a kiss."

Source: Reddit

#2. "My little brother wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween. I think he's doing it right"

Source: Reddit

#3. Old habit.

Source: Reddit

#4. 6-year-old found this and started screaming "I found the golden ticket!!"

Source: tgriff1991

#5. "My sister is quite the speller"

Source: Jessie_Gaudard

#6. The little guy found his mom "fishing rods".

Source: Giraffeshavenecks

#7. "My nephew at the thrift store today."

Source: Reddit

#8. A little girl finds a "special" ring on her aunt's bedside table and wears it like a bracelet:

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: metro

#9. "My friend's kid got princess boob at every meet and greet."

Source: borrow_a_feeling


Source: sarkytyke

#11. "Found my son sitting like this today."

Source: Reddit

#12. "My 8-week-old son always stares at my boobs after I get out of the shower. This was his expression this morning."

Source: bsfam

#13. 6-year-old drew a picture of a shark on her dad's head:

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: H0wab0utitthen

#14. "Mommy, why are you laughing at my pancake?"

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: jbloom459

#15. "My nephew made an "egg tower" to take to school for Easter."

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: nonameisgood

#16. Boop!

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: Unknown

#17. "Found this old photo of my little brother."

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: whmullally

#18. "She doesn't understand why she can't bring her jump rope to school tomorrow."

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: Rcrowley32

#19. He drew two turntables. What else do you have in mind?

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: Amy Aucoin

#20. "5-year-old comes running out of school waving this around, he said it was a rocket"

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: Alannah Abbott

#21. A 9-year-old attempts to make "cotton candy" out of balloons:

Innocent But Looked DirtySource: redimgur

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