Luna Blaise Manifest Series: The Story Behind How She Got The Role

Luna Blaise portrays Olive Stone in NBC and Netflix’s trending series Manifest and is one of the starring actresses from the cast of the series. Blaise got the role in 2018 and it is also her first major role on screens. 
In this post, let’s find out all you need to know about her role and how she got cast. 

#1. How She Got Cast As Olive Stone 

luna blaise manifest season 2Source: NBC

After taking part in ABC’s series Fresh Off The Boat, she was ready to move on with new projects. In 2016, she went to the audition for the series at Warner Brothers Studios and it is still one of the most memorable moments of her life and career. Plus, there was a torrential rainstorm that day. 
“I'm sprinting to make the audition and I'm drenched. I go into the casting office, out of breath and looking like a total freak. The girls that were sitting there also auditioning were probably like, ‘Oh my god, this girl's insane going into an audition like this.’,” she flashed back to that time. Eventually, she got the role. 
Casting director Sarah Isaacson showed her impression with her drenched audition, saying it was a sign that she would get the role. In fact, Olive Stone is also a character that has the most exciting development throughout the seasons of the series. She “changes like the weather and stays emotional, but she matures into this incredible woman that you see in season four,” Luna talked about her character. It means she has to adapt to whatever is going on with her life and her family each season. 

#2. Did Luna Blaise Leave Manifest? 

olive stone luna blaise manifestSource: NBC

She never left the series. Luna Blaise Manifest Season 4’s appearance, however, is surprising and unexpected as the rest of the cast’s. Previously, as NBC announced that the show cancelation, all of them thought it would have been the end of the show and felt sorry for its fans, Manifesters. Because most of all, they deserve to see its ending and explanation to every remaining mystery and question. Fortunately, Netflix is making this anticipation come true. The first part of the fourth season just came to an end and everyone is looking forward to the second part which will premiere shortly on this platform.

#3. Olive Stone Is One Of The Most Interesting Characters In The Series 

luna blaise manifest season 1Source: Netflix

She was portrayed as a sentimental, “little broken girl” in the first season. Moving to season 2, she was “the angry, cult-obsessed girl” who frequently went to the Church of the Returned. Now, as her mother has gone and she has to step up to be in charge instead of her, she has also matured into an independent and solid young woman that her twin brother, Cal Stone, might count on. In fact, she is a great ally for helping Ben and Michaela with the Callings. In the finale of the show, there will certainly be more to discover of this girl as well as the rest of the unknown story. 
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