The Cast Of Manifest Reveals NBC Cancellation And Netflix’s Take-on 

Manifest is undoubtedly one of the most watched series on Netflix so far this year. After being canceled by NBC, Netflix announced that they would bring back the show on the platform with a super-season 4 solving all mysteries and questions in the last 3 seasons. What did the members from the cast of Manifest say about this?

In this post, let’s find out this incident on the show’s cancellation and Netflix’s rescue order. 

#1. The Story Behind Its Renewal 

cast of manifest season 1Source: NBC

After the first season premiered, there were so many green lights that Manifest would be a successful series with steady and promising ratings. However, it did not meet the network’s expectations. Ratings dropped evenly through each season. Following the release of Manifest season 3, the network officially made an announcement that the show would not be renewed. Apparently, this season did not satisfy the chiefs of NBC therefore they had to make this decision. 

The fans of the series launched a movement to save it afterwards. #SaveManifest became a popular hashtag on Twitter and attracted several luminaries including Demi Lovato, Stephen King and Kourtney Kardashian. Manifesters also started a GoFundMe petition pleading "We can’t lose Manifest, we just can’t!!!" that has more than 95,000 signatures worldwide. 

However, all these did not save the show. In fact, its viewership ratings on Netflix did. After exposure to this platform, it has attracted millions of viewers worldwide. Moreover, the series has also stayed on top streaming English-spoken series for a long period of time. This impressed the streaming giant and helped to save the show. Not only the fans but also the members from the cast were extremely, happily surprised and looking forward to the renewal. 

#2. Members From The Cast Of Manifest On This Situation 

cast of manifest season 4Source: NBC

Luna Blaise who portrays Olive Stone recalls “I’m at the beach, I have zero bars and then the one service signal that I got, I saw messages from my agent, my mom, my manager and my PR team. It was everyone texting me: ‘call me, call me, call me!”. Immediately, she ran to a friend's house nearby to do the call and got informed with the great news. Manifest has been officially alive and she would still have the chance to play her character.  

cast of manifest (tv series) Source: NBC

Her costar, Josh Dallas previously addressed his disappointment on NBC’s decision “I’m sorry to say that it’s the end of the line for now.”. Obviously, he is the happiest one to know that the show has been carried on. "I was just so relieved and excited," said the starring actor from the cast of Manifest. 

Netflix also successfully revived several discarded shows such as YouTube's Cobra Kai, Lifetime's YOU and ABC's Designated Survivor. Clearly, the “Netflix effect” still has a huge influence. Despite the fact that the number of monthly subscribers on this service has dropped in recent years, it remains as the biggest streaming service globally with several hit movies and series. Significantly, it also turned the green lights for other less successful TV series. Who knows that they might be a global hit one day and will get a new season(s)? 

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