Manifest Star Luna Blaise: Child Dancer Being Promising TV Star

Luna Blaise is one of the starring actresses from the cast of the Manifest series, previously on NBC and now on Netflix. She started her career with a cameo role in Vicious Circle (2008) when she was only 8 years old and has come a long way ever since. 
In this post, let’s find out her journey as a multi-talented artist.

#1. Her Background 

luna blaise manifestSource: Twitter

Luna Blaise's parents are director Paul Boyd and actress, talent manager Angelyna Martinez-Boyd. Her dad directed several feature films, commercial campaigns and music videos for several pop stars including Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Cold and Backstreet Boys. Her mother is also a well-known Mexican-American actress who starred in The Breakdown, Vicious Circle, And Then Came Lola… As a result, Blaise used to spend most of her childhood on the sets of her mom and dad’s projects. During that time, the actress of Manifest trained as a professional dancer until she reached the age of 11. Afterwards, she made her decision to make the leap into acting with the great support from her family. 

#2. Luna Blaise Movies And TV Shows She Has Taken Part In 

luna blaise olive stoneSource: ABC

As mentioned above, her debut appearance was in her dad’s feature film, Vicious Circle. It is a drama and thriller movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. In 2013, she appeared in James Franco’s indie art movie Memoria. He produced and also starred in the film. 
The following year marked a notable milestone in her career as she was cast as Nicole in ABC’s series Fresh Off the Boat. The series lasted for 6 seasons with 116 episodes, focusing on a Taiwanese-American family. This is, in fact, also her first major role and due to it, she earned Best Recurring Young Actress award at the 2016 Young Artist Awards. The series ended in 2020. 
In 2018, she was chosen to portray Olive Stone in drama/mystery series Manifest on NBC. After the production on the first 3 seasons, NBC decided to cancel the show due to its drop in the viewership ratings. Fortunately, the series caught a lot of attention and view counts once premiering on Netflix. The world’s largest streaming service also decided to bring Manifest back with its cast for a final season. Obviously, Luna Blaise would still play Olive Stone in the show. 

#3. A Dancer, Actress And Also Singer 

luna blaise and josh dallas Source: NBC

She started off as a well-trained dancer and rose to fame as an actress. However, a fact that many of us have not known is that she also released a few musical singles. In 2017, Blaise released two singles consisting of Over You and Secrets. She has many potentials to be a successful pop star: appearance, a beautiful voice and dancing skill. Otherwise, she would rather focus on her acting career as earlier this year, the actress confirmed that she would not be releasing new music in the future. It would be sad for fans who have fallen for her voice, however, they might still catch her in upcoming TV series and movies.
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