Josh Dallas Manifest Series On How Fans And Netflix Saved The Show

Josh Dallas Manifest series has shared how he thought on fans’ movement and the surprising rescue order from Netflix, the world’s largest streaming service. 
In this post, let’s find out the details of the story. 

#1. Josh Dallas Manifest Season 4 Appearance Is Unexpected

Josh Dallas Manifest Season 4Source: Netflix

November 4, 2022 was one of the most memorable days for the cast and crew of the Manifest series and its fans, Manifesters. The show has been officially brought back to Netflix with the first part of super-season 4 after being canceled by its initiator, NBC. 
After NCB’s official announcement to discard the making of the series in April 2021, both fans and the cast members were disappointed because of the cliffhanger ending at the finale of the third season. There were still so many mysterious and unsolved questions that needed answers to. The actor wrote on his Instagram page in June 2021 “Well, my #manifesters, I’m sorry to say that it’s the end of the line for now. We are so very proud to have brought you this story over 3 seasons. We so wished we could’ve finished the journey with you.” 
However, thanks to its outstanding performance on Netflix, the platform eventually decided to take on the show from NBC and would produce the ending season, season 4 of Manifest. “Those Netflix numbers for 'Manifest' took off and just kept climbing,” said Dallas. Therefore, the show’s renewal was surprising and expected to him as the rest of the cast members and also, their loyal fans.

#2. The Huge Numbers Are The Deciding Factors 

Josh Dallas Manifest Series Source: Netflix

While being on NBC, the show did not meet with rating expectations from this network. However, once it hit Netflix, Manifest has become a global sensation and topping the charts of this platform worldwide. 
Despite the fact that the fans were so passionate and actively making the show being saved, it was not the most significant reason. However, they showed the cast and crew their fondness of the show. “They offered such support, love and passion for the show and these characters on social media. So it was a beautiful, humbling experience,” he said.  
Moving to Netflix's take-on, Dallas stated that “From a business point of view, I think that ultimately the huge numbers were the deciding factor in Netflix bringing us back.” This is due to its popularity after the series’ exposure to this platform and global audience. 

#3. What To Expect In The Upcoming Finale 

Source: Netflix

Dallas’ character, Ben Stone, is the starring role of the series. Therefore, he is obviously one of the most significant characters who contributes a huge deal to the series’ story. Previously, we have known that Ben is an intelligent, type-A father who is also a notable analyst yet struggling with what is happening to his life and his family members. The actor confessed that he is as thrilled and excited for the show’s finale as we are. He teased “We're telling the whole story that Jeff intended to tell. It's going to leave audiences and fans surprised and shocked". He continued “But I think they're going to be really satisfied with the ultimate ending.”
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