20 Times Animals Acting Like Humans That Make You Fall Backwards!

Humans are considered to be the highest class of animals on Earth. However, in the natural world, there are still many animals that understand advanced concepts and act surprisingly like humans. For centuries, people believed that they were better and smarter than other creatures. Humans have qualities that separate them from other creatures, such as language and the tool producing ability. In addition, humans are conscious, thinking, and rational; know the difference between right and wrong, what to do and what not to do while most animals just live with instinct. However, the truth is that some traits and behaviors that seem to be unique to humans appear in other animals. We tend to anthropomorphize our beloved pets. The thing is, many animals seem to really think they're humans. Now let's enjoy 10 funny times animals acting like humans that will make you can’t hold your jaw!
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1. Even the chipmunk has such a cute surprised expression

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2. When a dog feel stressed, what will he do? Take a drink!

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3. Super thief Rocket is also shy when he is proposed

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4. Are you confident that you are better at using a laptop than this cat? Hmmm, I'm definitely not!

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5. Having a good height is an advantage

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6. Who are you sulking, puppy?

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7. 'Oh Boy!'

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8. Kindergarten trio - we are friends forever!

Source: brilliantnews

9. God! Bless me a good luck!

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10. Yoga time with little sister

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11. Hello, I'm the friendly queen of the zoo! Please vote for me!

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12. Today's newspaper has a lot of good news. I can't miss any of them!

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13. It's a beautiful day and this is time to relax my soul

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