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  1. #1. Sarah Chapman Enola Holmes 2 Is Actually A Real Person
  2. #2. In The Sequel to "Enola Holmes," Sarah Chapman & The Matchgirls Strike Appear

Sarah Chapman Enola Holmes 2 Is Actually A Real Person

Searching for information about Sarah Chapman Enola Holmes 2? Here we go! Enola Holmes 2 is the next episode in the Enola Holmes series, which can be seen on Netflix. This episode follows Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) as she competes against her brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill) to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young woman named Sarah Chapman. Even while a novel serves as the primary inspiration for most of the story, historical elements have also been woven into the narrative.
Notably, Sarah Chapman is based on a real lady of the same name who battled for women's rights during the industrial period and organized the Matchgirls Strike. Sarah Chapman is credited as being the organizer of the strike. In the second book of the Enola Holmes series, there are several points where history and fiction intersect.

#1. Sarah Chapman Enola Holmes 2 Is Actually A Real Person

Sarah Chapman Enola Holmes 2 Source: Netflix
Bessie, played by Serrana Su-Ling Bliss, is a young woman who approaches Enola Holmes in the movie. Bessie is looking for her missing sister Sarah and wants Enola to help her find Sarah. Enola's growing detective agency is having trouble finding clients at the time. Both Bessie and Sarah were employees at the same match factory, which was experiencing an outbreak of typhus at the time.
As Enola continues her investigation into Sarah's disappearance, she concludes that Sarah has found evidence that the match girls had been poisoned by the phosphorous used in the matches, not by typhus. In the movie, Sarah assists other factory workers in their mission to uncover the match factory's sinister plan. Following the exposure of the match factory by a gang of detectives that includes Enola and Sarah, the workers are persuaded to go on strike, referring to the historical incident known as the Matchgirls Strike.

#2. In The Sequel to "Enola Holmes," Sarah Chapman & The Matchgirls Strike Appear

Sarah Chapman Enola Holmes 2
As reported by Mashable, Sarah Chapman started working as a matchmaker machinist when she was only 19 years old. She and a few other workers established the Matchgirls Strike Committee, considered one of the earliest labor unions in England. Women of all ages who worked at the Bryant and May match factory in Bow, East London, were suffering from a terrible medical condition known as "phossy jaw."
This condition is characterized by necrosis of the jaw bone and occurs due to phosphorus poisoning caused by match factory work.
William Bryant and Francis May, the factory proprietors, failed to disclose phosphorus poisoning and even took deliberate steps to cover it up so that they could continue to profit from the workers at the factory. In addition, workers were required to put in ridiculously long shifts for very little remuneration. So, in 1888, 1,400 workers walked out in protest. This action was referred to as the Matchgirls Strike at the time.

Who Played Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman Enola Holmes 2
Hannah Dodd, who plays Sarah Chapman in Enola Holmes 2, may be recognized by viewers as the actress. The latter replaced Ruby Stokes in the role of Francesca Bridgerton in Bridgerton Season 3 after Ruby Stokes stepped down from the role. Hannah Dodd took over the role of Francesca Bridgerton after Ruby Stokes stepped down from the role.
Fans may also recognize Hannah from the roles that she has played in the television series Find Me in Paris, Harlots, and Anatomy of a Scandal. Select Model Management first represented Hannah as a model before she began her career in the Entertainment industry. Her followers will soon get their hands on even more of her work.
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