What On Earth Is Wrong With Ezra Miller? (Part 2)

If you haven’t read the first part yet, we recommend that you do, in order to have a closer look and keep track with all the mess Ezra Miller has created. Should you don’t care about it or already finish part one, continue reading below.

8. Restrained In Hawaii

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A pair who had allowed Miller to reside with them filed for a restraining order against the actor the day following the Hawaii karaoke event, alleging that Miller had broken through into their bedroom, menaced to "bury you and your slut wife," and taken a passport and wallet. Simply said, that is awful guest conduct all around.

9. Assault In Hawaii

After being asked to depart from a party, Miller threw a chair that struck a woman in the head, leading to another arrest for assault three weeks later. We're unable to explain this too.

10. Restrained In Massachusetts

Miller and friends left Hawaii after thoroughly outstaying their welcome. They then headed to the Northeast and went on an excursion in Massachusetts, where a woman claims Miller invited her 11-year-old child to visit their farm in Vermont, gave them lavish gifts, and generally showed a "inappropriate interest" in them.
When she requested a restraining order, Miller's spokeswoman asserted that the woman's "lack of interest" was what "obviously hurt a disappointed fan when they would not connect with the fan," leading her to formally request disengagement.

11. All Pieces Of Crap In Vermont

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When Miller and his family moved to their farm in Vermont from Hawaii, they brought a woman and her three children.
This drew additional criticism from the public when witnesses told the police that the youngsters had unreasonably easy access to guns and marijuana on the farm.
It turns out that the woman's husband had four wives, domestic abuse charges, and an odd relationship with Miller, who he claims "suggested merging families," so who knows what's going on there? The man was already quite angry that she had gone with the kids.

12. Burglary In Vermont

Miller was accused of breaking into an empty house in August 2022 and stealing a few bottles of wine. It's one of the few charges that hasn't been inexplicably dismissed, despite the fact that Miller claimed the house belonged to a buddy with whom they believed they had a "what's mine is yours" arrangement.

13. Susan Sarandon?

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Most lately, a witness stated that Miller grew furious when Susan Sarandon did not invite them to her dinner party and "demand that come pay tribute to altar," which witnesses have depicted as covered in "bullets, weed, sage, and Flash figurines," similar to what one would discover inside the locker of any goth teen in USA.
Although it appears that no one asked Miller's spokeswoman, who claimed that they "would probably label this pure bullshit if asked," Sarandon has noticeably failed to defend this wholly harmless ruse from her "dear friend."

14. Apologizing In The Media

Source: Variety

Miller made an announcement in a statement a week after the break-in claiming they had "begun continuous treatment" for "complicated mental health concerns" and expressed regret to "everyone that was worried with past actions."
Miller didn’t clarify what those past actions were, which might be of help since they’ve denied all of them. Well, the claim by chance followed reports that Warner Bros. was contemplating about replacing Miller as the Flash and probably postponing the upcoming titular film entirely, which is how you realize everything were become truly serious.

15. Working In Hollywood

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Miller’s Wikipedia profile suggests that they haven’t just been working throughout all of this, but also that they have been working a lot as well.
They not only returned to play both of their characters in two of the most popular media franchises of all time, but they also starred in a biography about Salvador Dali (and you can't blame method acting because even Dali never went this far).
You start to question what you need to do to stop working in this community ever again.
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