What On Earth Is Wrong With Ezra Miller? (Part 1)

Ezra Miller is either known as that very, very fast superhero The Flash from DCEU, or that guy with an ugly haircut Credence Barebone from the Fantastic Beast franchise, based on what kind of nerd you are. However, if you’re cool, you might just be familiar with them from odd social media headlines.
If you've had difficulties keeping up with Miller's recent international binge of spitting, strangling, and probably grooming as well as the incubation of cults, here's what's going on.

1. But First, Who Is Ezra Miller (Again)?

Source: Gage Skidmore

Well, if you haven’t been paying any attention or reading any of what I wrote above, you may identify Miller from their appearances in films such as Trainwreck, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and We Need To Talk About Kevin, as well as TV series such as Californication and The Stand.
In fact, they are quite Well Known, if not quite the Kanye West degree of notoriety that one would typically associate with cult leaders.

2. When Things Began To Go Wrong

Source: Gage Skidmore

In 2019, Miller's behavior changed from being "eccentric" to being "expensively off-putting." Miller has usually been eccentric, with a flair for fashion and candor about their private life.
In one scene, the cast and crew saw that Miller had started dressing as an odd unicorn under the intense heat, which was particularly unpleasant because Miller appeared to have ceased taking showers.
Later, an extra claimed that Miller kept interfering with the filming with erratic outbursts, including a quip about a number of minorities entering a pub that lacked any logic but yet managed to appear racist.

3. Miller Literally Began A Cult In Iceland

Source: Insider

Early in 2020, when Miller reportedly chose on a whim to harass Iceland, things truly took a turn for the worse.
Individuals who strolled in and out of the estate claimed feeling trapped, seeing people who appeared to be hypnotized, and being urged to break off their family and friends in order to follow Miller to Hollywood.
They had rented the mansion and had begun inviting random people to stay with them. The guy who they claimed wandered about barefoot in public and had not, obviously, resumed the shower habit received far less amiable treatment from Icelanders.

4. The Strangling Incident At A Bar In Iceland

The entire public didn’t know that something wasn’t right with Miller until a video of them attacking a woman at a club and strangling her appeared in April 2020. Later, a representative for Miller said that the woman had questioned their MMA talents, which is, alright.

5. Alleged Grooming In The Dakotas

Source: Instagram

Tokata Iron Eyes, a 12-year-old Native American activist, and 23-year-old Miller first met in 2016 during the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.
After dropping out of college in 2021 to accompany Miller to Vermont and Hawaii, where witnesses claim they assaulted and manipulated the 18-year-old, their family claims Miller spent the following six years grooming and controlling Iron Eyes.
Iron Eyes has rejected all allegations of abuse and dubbed them "smear campaigns," yet there has been a history of cult-like behavior here.

6. Hawaiian Spitting

Additionally, this went mostly unreported until Miller erupted in public once more, spitting on, cursing at, and otherwise accosting customers at a Hawaii karaoke club. When Miller was apprehended, they told the police that their actions were a response to being attacked by a Nazi, which... yeah.

7. The Kkk In North Carolina

Source: David M. Benett/Apu Gomes/Getty Images

Miller appeared to be obsessed on the different fascists who were pursuing them. They started wearing a bulletproof vest regularly at about the same time and began saying that they were being targeted by the KKK, specifically a group in Beulaville, North Carolina, even though they appeared to be in Vermont at the time (it's difficult to keep track).
The Southern Poverty Law Center stated they were unaware of any KKK activity in Beulaville, and they would be the ones to know if there was any because Miller is a homosexual icon, and the Klan is not known to be supporters of that.
Check out part 2 to be more confused about what the hell The Flash has been doing with our timeline.
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