Ouch Moments | 12 Funny, Most Ridiculous Football Moments That Make Your Jaw Drop!

Are you a football lover? Do you spend time every weekend night lying on the couch, sipping some popcorn, and gluing your eyes to the hot football matches on the small screen? Football is the most popular king sport in the world. Billions of people, from the elderly to young children around the globe, love and follow this sport every day. Football always gives us a lot of meanings, emotions, and even super funny moments that make the audience laugh out loud.
It's only 10 days left until the first match of the World Cup finals take place. Let's take a look at 12 super funny moments in football and have a good laugh with us! Below, we've rounded up the weirdest and funniest football moments across all competitions, from the World Cup to C1 and the Premier League. These photos promise to brighten up even your darkest day.
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1. Hey Vinny! We play soccer with only one ball

Vinny ugly actionSource: pinterest

2. This sensitive act is too difficult to name (LOL)

Source: pbs

3. Fortunately, the waistband of the player wearing the number 10 shirt is quite good

Source: pinimg

4. Hey man, why is there a love triangle here?

Source: cnn

5. What does this Arsenal player's face mean?

Source: quotesgram

6. Fortunately, this player's pants are made of good stretch material

Source: awefootball

7. Salah looks so happy that he pulled his pants a bit too high

Source: YouTube

8. Minus 10 points for a bad attitude and a red card, plus a penalty for high-kick foul

Source: stylebarbie

9. This is called 'push someone into a dead end' literally

Source: stylebarbie

10. Ouch!

Source: footballteamnews

11. CR7 was probably very confident in the VAR results he predicted

Source: YouTube

12. Mbappe must have had a very leisurely match

Source: YouTube

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