Famous People That Would Beat The Sh*t Out Of Us

For the latest article, we have discussed some of the celebrities who are able to whoop our butts. But, keep in mind that they are men in their prime, with Tom Hardy turning 45 as of 2022 and Wiz Khalifa only 35 this year. Well, it may take you aback even a further distance with these two cases: an elderly and a lady, both are able to beat the sh*t out of us. Unexpected, are ya?

1. Willie Nelson, Master Of Several Martial Arts

You might think that if you breathe too forcefully near Willie Nelson, you might knock him over, but appearances can be deceitful. He truly holds a fifth-degree black belt in Gongknown Yusul, a Korean martial art, which he attained in 2014, shortly before turning 81.
It wasn't an honorary title as when Barack Obama was informed by the president of South Korea, "Yeah, okay, you can have a taekwondo black belt, why not?" For twenty years, Nelson smashed boards to pay for that sweet.In addition, he is a second-degree black belt in the martial art of taekwondo, which he has studied since the 1980s. Since the moment when he was a high school student, he has been interested in martial arts.
Willie was getting into numerous combats with the rest of the high school lads, then, and it sound apparent that if he would like to survive until he’s 81, he’s required to improve at it.Despite the fact that he found the answer in DC Comics, well, not dressing up like a bat and beginning throwing himself at bad guys in dark alleys. Rather, he acquired every book on judo and jiu-jitsu that was advertised on the comics' back pages and carefully scrutinized them.
Later, he also took boxing lessons and mastered kung fu, which he attributes to the development of his zen mentality.
Sam Um, a revered Grand Master of the art who also produced a 2007 action film starring his student, taught Willie Gongkwon Yusul in the 1990s. That movie, named Fighting with Anger, appears to have spent 99% of its money on cheesy punching and kicking sound effects.

2. Demi Lovato Earned A Second Degree Blue Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Demi Lovato may knock your teeth out, much similar to how they did to their MMA trainer Jay Glazer, despite the latter donning a mouth guard, IF you joke around the idea that Lovato can telepathically summon extraterrestrials.
In 2016, Lovato truly got into MMA and spent four hours a day working out in Glazer's facility. They practiced boxing, Muay Thai, ground fighting, and, of course, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the sport of choice for all celebrities, which they first became enthusiastic in simply because they "liked watching people grapple."
They said to Joe Rogan, "When some b*tch is on top of you attempting to collar choke you, regular life appears easy."
In reality, Lovato loved jiu-jitsu so much that they obtained their first blue belt in just one year of training (the average person takes two or three), and they obtained a second one in 2019.
They almost passed away from a drug overdose between those two belts, but the rigorous training helped them cope with sobriety. They are obviously hooked to rolling around the mat, but at least this addiction is productive.Following a pandemic-related hiatus, Lovato began training in 2021 and is reportedly still going strong, according to social media posts.
They could certainly assemble an entire team of famous people who have studied Brazilian jiu-jitsu at this time, including Hardy, Willie, Wiz, Nic Cage, Jim Carrey, and others.
They could even be able to defeat Married with Children's black belt Ed O'Neill with their combined might (if he throws the fight).
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