Celebrities Who Are Able To Whoop Our Butts

A famous person is typically described as “badass” on social media since they donned something attractive or tweeted something risky, before deleting it with the reason that “someone hacked my account.” However, there is a small handful of celebrities that have the ability to whoop our butts whenever they want, and they aren't usually the ones you would anticipate. For example, ...

1. Tom Hardy Secretly Registered For Martial Arts Competitions, Before Defeating Every Opponent

Consider training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu your entire life and working your way up to a major title. Suddenly the Venom character appears out of nowhere and hammers you to the ground.That occurred a few weeks ago when Mad Max himself was revealed to be a competitor at the 2022 UMAC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Championship under the name "Edward Hardy."
In the finals, Hardy's (losing) opponent praised him as the "toughest competitor I've had" in six competitions and described himself as "shell-shocked," but he also emphasized that Hardy was "genuinely a really nice guy" who graciously avoided shattering anyone's backs over his knee while muttering incoherently.And this isn't even the first tournament Hardy has won this year; in August, he also won the gold at a different event hosted by a nonprofit that teaches jiu-jitsu to persons with impairments. Judging by the footage, he could have easily added a few more competitors if he had desired.
Hardy isn't one for boasting, but it appears that his martial arts career began as he was getting ready for the 2011 movie Warrior.
It's not strange for Hollywood stars to bulk up for a part; even Kevin James, who transformed into an MMA fighting machine for the 2012 film Here Comes the Boom before returning to his natural chubby figure, has done it.
The distinction is that Hardy continued to train and compete covertly, earning his blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2020. He won't reveal if he has since upgraded that.
Well, you might have already known the actor who portrayed Bane could break your back without even realizing he was a martial artist. But what about…?

2. Wiz Khalifa Studied Mixed Martial Arts And Bulked Up

Wiz Khalifa is, perhaps, most famous for rapping about smoking fat doobies with Snoop Dogg and appearing in some of his videos with bling that makes his (in his own words) "thin little n-word" physique look like it might collapse.As a result, it came as a bit of a shock when he made a comeback in 2018 to advertise a new record and appeared to be a completely different person who could definitely throw that scrawny youngster over a lake.
Wiz began practicing jiu-jitsu a year ago only because his cousins were interested in it and frequently used him as a "practice dummy." He eventually began training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu before concluding he preferred Muay Thai because he "grew bored of getting my ass whooped." He's still going strong five years later, and here is how he appears right now:
Wiz claims that he changed from never, ever having a set regimen for anything to practicing vigorously daily. And in case you're questioning yourself, he still consumes huge doobies. Just that he now exploits his appetite to put on extra weight, which he can subsequently chisel into muscle.
His passion for martial arts has grown to the point where he is now one of the owners of the Professional Fight League and claims he is considering participating in some MMA matches. He should square off against Willie Nelson, and whomever wins gets to light up. Moreover, the loser puffs on a joint. Everybody puffs on a joint. In reality, put the fight to rest.
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