10 Famous Hollywood Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles

There is seldom a month without news of a significant new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe roster. Numerous decades of Marvel films and television episodes have resulted in the MCU including hundreds of actors. At times, it looks as though the studio has sucked up every Hollywood star, like some sort of cinematic Galactus.
There are still holdouts despite all this time and all this stuff, though. Many stars rejected the chance to appear in Marvel movies before it blossomed into the irresistible force that it is now. Even today, after Marvel has erupted like Nitro in a bomb factory, certain movie stars are still not interested in donning a skintight suit and smacking Mark Ruffalo in the face. (Don't forget; until 1998, the largest Marvel movie ever was... Howard the Duck.). Today, we mention are several well-known stars who decline big Marvel Movies roles, listed in reverse chronological order.

#1 Russell Crowe, Wolverine

, Russell Crowe, Wolverine

Russell Crowe, who was one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood at the time, was the first choice to portray Logan in Fox's X-Men trilogy until Hugh Jackman entered the picture. In a subsequent interview, Crowe said he declined the role because he had just finished shooting Gladiator, in which his character “has a wolf at the center of his cuirass, and he has a wolf as his companion ... which I thought was going to be a bigger deal.” As a result, Crowe declined, stating that he "didn't want to be wolfy, like "Mr. Wolf." Although he initially didn't get Wolverine, Crowe suggested fellow Australian actor Jackman for the role, and finally, it became the role that make him famous. This year's Thor: Love and Thunder marks Crowe's official entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#2 Matt Damon, Daredevil

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Matt Damon, Daredevil

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are friends, coworkers, and, in one instance, rivals for the same part. Daredevil's major role had originally been offered to Damon before Affleck took the role of Marvel's blind vigilante Without Fear, but Damon declined it. Why? Even though Damon and Affleck both adored the role, he expressed doubts about the screenplay and the director in a recent interview. “So, I just tried to divorce my emotion from. Ben is more of an emotional guy, he was like, 'Daredevil!' He just went and did it.”

#3 Rachel McAdams, Pepper Potts

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Rachel McAdams, Pepper Potts

When the crew at Marvel Studios first started casting Iron Man in the middle of the 2000s, nobody could have foreseen exactly how enormous the Marvel Cinematic Universe would become. Director Jon Favreau's original option for the role of Pepper Potts, Tony Stark's secretary and the potential love interest was Rachel McAdams, but she declined. Gwyneth Paltrow agreed to play Pepper once Robert Downey Jr. was selected as Stark, and the movie went on to become a huge hit. However, McAdams was given a second opportunity at the MCU and accepted a role in Doctor Strange's movie.

#4 Emily Blunt, Black Widow

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Emily Blunt, Black Widow

Emily Blunt looks like the ideal choice for Marvel because of her charm, gift for light humor, and background in action movies. She hasn't worked on a Marvel movie yet, which is honestly shocking, but it's not because she hasn't had the chance. The opportunity to portray Black Widow was initially presented to her in Iron Man 2. Blunt expressed interest in Howard Stern but had to decline due to her concurrent contractual obligation to complete Gulliver's Travels. Scarlett Johansson becomes Natasha Romanoff and has played in eight different Marvel films.

#5 Emily Blunt, Agent Carter

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Emily Blunt, Agent Carter

Blunt received work offers from Marvel on several occasions other than Black Widow. A short time later, Marvel sought her out once more to play Peggy Carter, the original S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and Steve Rogers' unrequited love. She missed once again. Blunt subsequently stated that "it just didn't work out scheduling-wise," contrary to stories at the time that merely stated that she rejected Marvel's offer. For Sue Storm in the next Fantastic Four remake, fans have already been vocally calling for Blunt to portray the role.

#6 Mel Gibson, Odin

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Mel Gibson, Odin

By the raven of Odin! If Thor's initial plan had been successful, the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have taken a very different turn. Mel Gibson, who claimed to have been contacted "to play Thor's dad" a "long time ago" but declined the role, may have played Odin instead of Anthony Hopkins, according to a 2016 interview with The Guardian.

#7 Jessica Chastain, Maya Hansen

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Jessica Chastain, Maya Hansen

Following The Tree of Life and Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain received calls from virtually every Hollywood company, including Marvel. In Iron Man 3, Maya Hansen, the scientist at the core of the mystery, was the role they wanted her to portray. Chastain expressed interest in the job but declined it, "my schedule is jammed packed and I can't fit anything else in" and blaming the media for leaking the news before it was finalized. She said, "Hopefully there’ll be another Marvel film in my future," There was, and it turned out to be the awful Dark Phoenix, in which she portrayed Vuk.

#8 Joaquin Phoenix, Doctor Strange

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Joaquin Phoenix, Doctor Strange

Ethan Hawke, Oscar Isaac, and Keanu Reeves were all at various stages considered for the role of Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme during the protracted casting process. Joaquin Phoenix reportedly started talking to the filmmaker Scott Derrickson in June 2014 about playing Doctor Strange, putting him one step closer to securing the part. But by October, the agreement was through, and Benedict Cumberbatch quickly rose to prominence as Marvel's mystical hero. Phoenix later clarified“I think everybody was really happy with how things turned out. All parties were satisfied.” Naturally, Phoenix later went on to portray the Joker for Warner Bros., winning an Oscar for the role.

#9 Jason Momoa, Drax the Destroyer

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Jason Momoa, Drax the Destroyer

With three films under his belt and a fourth now in development, Jason Momoa is best known as DC's Aquaman. Momoa was almost a Marvel fan in the past, and James Gunn may have cast him as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Momoa said in an interview that Drax didn't appeal to him because “I've done so many things where I don't say much and I'm colored up and I have my shirt off again.” even though he appears ideal for the role. To demonstrate his variety, he purposefully declined several action roles. And indeed, he portrays Aquaman as a quiet character who regularly takes his top off. But it's completely different since he doesn't have body paint.

#10 Matthew McConaughey, Ego

Stars Who Decline Big Marvel Movies Roles, Matthew McConaughey, Ego

Marvel sought a big-name celebrity who could convincingly give birth to the hot, charismatic Chris Pratt when it came time to portray Star-Lords father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Naturally, they immediately considered Matthew McConaughey, who in another film could be too young to play Pratt's father (they were only born ten years apart). What does it even matter if they appear elderly while casting for immortal space gods? McConaughey didn't bring up the age gap when asked why he ultimately rejected Marvel. Instead, he claimed he had to pick between The Dark Tower and The Guardians, and he decided on The Dark Tower. He had the impression that the producers weren't really interested in him or had a wonderful concept for Ego rather than simply saying, in his words, “[Guardians of the Galaxy is] successful, and now we’ve got room to make a colorful part for another big-name actor.” 

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