10 Quirky Facts About Celebrities That Could Even Leave The Truest Fans Dumbfounded

Celebrities are considered an eclectic bunch of people. They have to work hard to remain their fame, starring in various movies or releasing music products. They have to not only look good and act well but also live up to the expectations of millions of fans. But, celebs are normal people.
Many famous people have quirks and zany personalities that helped them become famous in the first place. However, there are some quirky things that you won't believe. Despite being in the limelight, no matter how much they try to keep things personal, the media most often digs deep into their lives.
We've rounded up 10 surprising facts about celebs that will blow you away. Click here, here, and here to read more of our articles.

#1 Robert Pattinson took a stalker on a boring date

quirky facts about celebritiesSource: ABC / Ferrari Press / East NewsABC / Ferrari Press / East News

In the past, there was a stalker waiting outside his apartment every day for weeks. On one of his boring days, he decided to take her out for dinner. To her surprise, he complained about his life and of course, bored her. After that, they never met again.

#2 Ed Sheeran was once homeless

quirky facts about celebritiesSource: East News

Before being famous, Ed Sheeran spent 2 and a half years sleeping outside Buckingham Palace and couch-surfing among friends. So, in his song “Homeless”, he wrote, “It’s not a homeless night for me; I’m just home less than I’d like to be.”

#3 Nicolas Cage owned a baby pet octopus

quirky facts about celebritiesSource: EAST NEWS

Nicolas Cage is known for his weird hobby. He has purchased a giant octopus, called Cool to help him with acting roles.

#4 Madonna was the drummer for The Breakfast Club

Source: B4859 / Avalon / Photoshot / East News

Madonna is known for reinventing herself. Few people know that she used to play the drums for a band called The Breakfast Club in the ‘80s.

#5 Scarlett Johansson has 2 albums under her belt

quirky facts about celebritiesSource: Shooting Star / Sipa USA / East News

Scarlett Johansson is a talented actor but isn’t a singer by trade. She released 2 albums: Anywhere I Lay My Head (2008) and Break Up (2009).

#6 Leonardo DiCaprio was named after Leonardo Da Vinci

quirky facts about celebritiesSource: © Tinseltown /© Possible Self-Portrait from Leonardo da Vinci / Leonardo da Vinci / Galleria Degli Uffizi / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain Mark 1.0

When his parents enjoyed Da Vinci’s portrait, Leonardo Da Vinci kicked inside his mother’s womb. His father decided to name the future actor after the Renaissance artist.

#7 Elvis Presley was a natural blond

Source: Mary Evans (Colourised) / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

The images of Elvis Presley associated with his iconic black hair that many fans still emulate the look of their idol today. It is a huge surprise that he started dying his blond hair black at a very early age.

#8 Brad Pitt has a pilot’s license

quirky facts about celebritiesSource: AA / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Many might not know that Brad Pitt has a surprising hobby. He earned his pilot’s license, and he takes flying classes regularly.

#9 Jodie Foster started acting at the age of 3

Source: ABC Photo Archives

Jodie Foster began acting at the age of 3 when she appeared in a sunscreen commercial.

#10 Reese Witherspoon studied at Stanford

Source: Avalon / Photoshot / East News

Before pursuing her acting career, the star of “Legally Blonde” and “Election”, Reese Witherspoon spent just one year at Stanford University.
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