15 Curious Facts About Our Favorite Celebrities That Make You Gasp In Shock

Celebrities are just like us, aren’t they? Although they are always swept into the maelstrom of work or in the spotlight, they have their own secrets that we haven’t noticed. No matter how much they try to keep things personal, paparazzi often dig deep into their lives. However, there are some facts that some stars escape the camera and social media and try to hide or avoid talking about.
For example, Ben Affleck will melt into the crowd of a Red Sox game or Rober Downey Jr. often hides snacks on sets. Today, we have collected some lesser-known facts about celebrities we bet you didn’t know about. Keep scrolling down to see them.

#1 Nicolas Cage got paid a cool 20 million dollars to play Superman

Source: © Matteo Chinellato /© The Death Of Superman Lives / Super Skull Ship

Nicolas Cage almost played Superman for Tim Burton’s “Superman Lives in 1998. Although the movie got shelves, he was still paid 20 million dollars.

#2 Nicole Kidman has a bizarre fear of butterflies

Source: © Featureflash Photo Agency /© GLady / Pixabay

Nicole Kidman admitted that she couldn’t stand butterflies, and they made her exhausted. She used to try to confront her fear but she failed.

#3 Matthew McConaughey doesn't wear deodorant

Source: © Kathy Hutchins /© officiallymcconaughey / Instagram

Matthew McConaughey said that he didn’t use deodorant because he had no bad smell. Additionally, for him, a man should smell like a man.

#4 Jennifer Lawrence gets a tattoo to remind her to drink water

Source: © lev radin /© Michael - T / Pixabay

For Jennifer Lawrence, water is so important. Therefore, the “Hunger Games” actress has an “H2O” tattoo to remind herself to drink more water. It is useful when she’s drunk 2.2 liters of water a day.

#5 Leonardo DiCaprio has a connection to the Mona Lisa

Source: © Denis Makarenko /© Printexstar /

Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that his name was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. On his parents’ honeymoon, he started kicking furiously while his mom was pregnant. At that time, they were looking at a Vinci painting, Mona Lisa.

#6 Rami Malek has an identical twin brother, Sami

Source: Joe Scarnici

Rami Malek has a twin brother and his name is Sami. While Rami has become an award-winning actor, his brother Sami stays out of the spotlight and pursues a career in education.

#7 Singer Lorde rates onion rings on Instagram

Source: © s_bukley /© ricky9950 / Pixabay

Singer Lorde created an Instagram account, named “onionringsworldwide” on which she rated the onion ring she ate on a scale of one to five. Her account gained over 122,000 followers with only 13 posts.

#8 Ed Sheeran has a large lion tattoo on his chest

Source: © Cubankite /© teddysphotos / Instagram

Many might not know that Ed Sheeran had an enormous, colorful lion tattoo on his chest. Many fans wondered whether or not it was fake, but the singer determined it was true. He shared “England's national emblem is a lion. All my tattoos are things that I've done in my career and they're all leading to the middle bit which is the lion, and that's like every part of my career”.

#9 Jennifer Aniston almost got onto “Saturday Night Live”

Source: © Featureflash Photo Agency /© Featureflash Photo Agency /

Jennifer Aniston revealed that she was offered a slot on “Saturday Night Live” before “Friends” was released but she turned down it. she felt that she wouldn’t like that environment and she believed that women needed to be treated better there.

#10 Michelle Pfeiffer believed she could survive in sunlight

Source: © Tinseltown /© stokpic / Pixabay

Michelle Pfeiffer believed that humans could survive without food or water but with only sunlight. Fortunately, she realized that it was wrong and she started correcting her mistake.

#11 There’s an insect named after Beyoncé

Source: © Featureflash Photo Agency /© Bryan D. Lessard / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY 3.0

Beyoncé is the name for a species of flies. For this reason, many people found a yellow fly when searching for the actress’ name on the Internet.

#12 Eva Mendes wanted to be a nun

Source: © Featureflash Photo Agency /© Denis Makarenko /

As a child, Eva Mendes wished to be a nun but changed her mind later. She realized that a nut didn’t get paid and she wanted to buy her mom a house, so she decided to pursue an acting career. Many fans make sure that Ryan Gosling is thankful.

#13 Emma Stone believes her deceased grandfather is around

Source: © arp /© Olichel / Pixabay

Dead grandfather seemed to haunt Emma Stone so she assumed that her grandfather was still alive. She believed that he left quarters for her to find.

#14 George Clooney was paid $3 for a role

Source: © Denis Makarenko /© Good Night and Good Luck / Warner Independent Pictures and co-producers

While Nicolas Cage was paid 20 million dollars for a role, George Clooney accepted a 3-dollar salary to attend the movie project “Good Night and Good Luck”. He was paid a dollar each for writing, directing, and acting in the movie.

#15 Daniel Radcliffe had a huge crush on Drew Barrymore

Source: © Kathy Hutchins /© Kathy Hutchins /

On the British radio show Capital Breakfast, the “Harry Potter” star admitted having a crush on actors Drew Barrymore. He claimed that his top two choices were Diaz and her best friend, Drew Barrymore.
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