Check Out These Hilarious Viral Tweets To Start Off Your Day Right

Twitter is one of the most well-known and popular social networks, but it also splits users into opposing sides: those who despise it and those who like it. On the one hand, some people claim that social networking websites are ideal for real-time interaction. On the other hand, others believe it's "a very opinionated, toxic wasteland" that's just winding everyone up. Nonetheless, some truly entertaining people are on Twitter, and we are here to "shine a light" on them. So keep reading because we've compiled a list of hilarious viral tweets to crack you up and start off your day right.
According to some estimates, 500 million tweets are sent out every day. However, just a few of them receive thousands of likes and shares because they are so hilarious! That's why we wanted to share these viral ones with you and we assure you won't be bored by them! Without further ado, let's scroll down to check them out and be sure to follow these tweeters for an A+ timeline.

#1. Ahh, can't wait to be bilingual.

Source: adrogotti

#2. When ‘Im so sorry’ would have sufficed:

Source: daddyluver69

#3. What a gentleman.

Source: oldredtree

#4. "E-I-E-I-Only in theaters this July"

Source: SamStefanak

#5. “Why the long face?” *ba dum tss*

Source: faporizer

#6. Aren't we all.

Source: cxrtezwrld

#7. Oh?

Source: Basseyworld

#8. Why does it make so much sense OMG.

Source: Addictive__

#9. That is a fully conquered chair.

Source: TranslatedCats

#10. What a guy.

Source: JussyHella

#11. We're all being lied to

Source: barranr

#12. Sharing is caring.

Source: eroooos___

#13. Just tell her to play careless whisper.

Source: DesolaAlafia

#14. And they said cancel culture wasn't real.

Source: TylerAlbertario

#15. Well, that is some excellent piping.

Source: absinthefather

#16. I feel so attacked.

Source: Speedfromtx__

#17. Also, the only people who say that are 100% projecting.

Source: _RobertSchultz

#18. These the same people that pronounce R as "Aruh".

Source: krsklgn

#19. It's almost the same as being asked "Tell us about your self"

Source: cwtyp

#20. Right?

Source: ohhmvrco

#21. Time to move I guess.

Source: rebexxxxa

#22. ???

Source: Kupadraws

#23. No its growing a mustache.

Source: laserboat999

#24. TBH would commit treason to own this.

Source: puppyteeth

#25. "I’m a storyteller, a weaver of biography, Son of Anansi"

Source: LukeElliottS

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