Can You Get Through These 21 Hilarious Tweets Without Giggling Once?

Have you been going through a rough patch lately? Or has life been beating you down a little bit? If everything is great and you're doing well, then let's keep it that way. But if it's not, then don't worry too much. We've all been there, and we believe you'll break free from the blues sooner than you think!
And what better way to boost your mood than by starting to read these hilarious tweets? So let's scroll down and check them out! We bet you won't be able to keep your face straight while reading them, and they will definitely put you in a better mood. Also, feel free to follow all the accounts that made you laugh, so your Twitter timeline will be even better!

#1. Wild times.

Source: ElyKreimendahl

#2. Well, it's all fun and games until they hit you and run.

Source: semaj_htx

#3. I mean, this is the reason why there's always a car waiting outside the church in movies.

Source: tragic_posting

#4. “What’s it under?” IDK some sauce.

Source: PleaseBeGneiss

#5. "Ok, let me work my panic attacks around your schedule."

Source: MediumSizeMeech

#6. I feel seen and attacked at the same time

Source: chunkbardey

#7. Same for Meganthy Stallion

Hilarious TweetsSource: uncoolboyfriend

#8. Say no more

Hilarious TweetsSource: Rickymonreal702

#9. Been there, done that

Source: 23luvr

#10. *online shopping has entered the chat*

Hilarious TweetsSource: AlexJaySINGER

#11. Poor kid, he don’t even know what’s coming

Hilarious TweetsSource: David_pattt

#12. You see, it was a musical ABOUT high school…

Source: selahspades

#13. And she got that egg scrambler 5000

Hilarious TweetsSource: yaitskayy

#14. The true reason people name their kids after themselves

Source: MDeathCasey

#15. This tweet literally made me get up and moisturize my elbows

Hilarious TweetsSource: Maxthepapi

#16. Good for him. Not everyone knows that Pennywise is a hard-working network admin.

Source: alxmalloy

#17. So did you help him?

Source: iUsedToBeADuck

#18. A classic

Hilarious TweetsSource: weirdmsg

#19. His twitter name just makes the tweet 10 times better

Source: jakewhomst

#20. What happened to normal jobs

Hilarious TweetsSource: shayxonline

#21. Petty

Hilarious TweetsSource: Sloomlight

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