How Did The Plane Disappear In Manifest? Fully Explained

How did the plane disappear in Manifest? If you were a Lost fiend, then there's a good chance any show with a mysterious premise and/or random polar bears on a tropical island will appeal to you. So if you tune into Manifest and are immediately intrigued, there's a good reason for that, and it's got some to do with the mysterious circumstances surrounding Flight 828 and its passengers, but more to do with just how much the show messes with your head.

1. So what happened to the plane in 'Manifest'? 

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 The end of Manifest Season 2 reveals that an airplane wing is fished out of the ocean that reads: "Montego Airways." This strongly suggests that Flight 828, despite showing up at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, NY some five years after its intended landing time, somehow crashed in the middle of the ocean.
So what's the reason behind this? Why are there two flights? Is there some Final Destination type stuff going on where people were supposed to die and now fate is catching up with them? But how would that explain the other plane crashing?

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Multiple theories have been suggested as to what happened to the plane, including time travel and wormholes. Some viewers have suggested the passengers are from an alternate future, with one plane crashing and the alternate plane landing safely. In the third season, passenger Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas) suggested they had all been resurrected as they must have died in a crash.
However, Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) suggested the passengers were all linked to a divine gemstone- Sapphire - introducing a religious element. Jeff Rake, who created the series, said it was loosely based on the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014. He had pitched the idea for the series before this event, but it was only picked up following the plane's disappearance.
With this in mind, the answer may remain a mystery, which was the case for the Malaysia flight.

2. Other fans theories about the plane

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Fans have taken to Reddit to share their theories on what happened to the plane, as an answer has not yet come to light. One said: "My theory: Flight 828 travelled through time. It crashed in the future, and the people in that future realized it had caused a ripple effect in the timeline, probably a negative one. "The plane was supposed to have been a normal flight. The future people sent the plane back (it took them some time to do that, thus the 5 year gap) and the callings were basically what the passengers would have done or could have done if the flight had gone normally.
"They have to do the callings to help the timeline get back on track. If they don't do those callings, the timeline is impacted, and the time travel incident isn't corrected, thus rendering the future not what it was supposed to have been. That's all I've got."
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Another fan responded: "Pretty awesome theory but how would that explain the callings leading them to places they never knew about? Or the branching of different possibilities after they complete a calling.
"Some callings bring two passengers together that have never met. How would the passengers from the future know to bring these strangers together? "And plus there has been a lot of clues about the callings from the passengers past/childhood linking these strangers together. "It seems to be a bit more than just people from the future sending the plane back. Also what about Zeke and the others that weren’t in the flight that get brought back to life and then receive the callings? What about the bio aspect of it?
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