20 Pictures Of Unfortunate People Who Just Need A Hug Right Now

Have you ever wondered why you always have bad luck compared to everyone around you? Not only you but I used to believe that I was born under a bad star. However, I have just realized mistakes and failures are a part of life. Those are something unavoidable. Therefore, you don't need to be sad about your bad luck. We all have that. But if you still find it hard to forget about your failures, check out these pics of unfortunate people below. Maybe they will make you feel better.

After doing a little diving into the r/Wellthatsucks subreddit, we have compiled a list of 20 unfortunate people who had the worst day ever. And these people desperately needed a hug at that time. Scroll down to see what these people had to deal with. Also, tag someone who often experiences bad luck in the comment section below to give them a virtual hug.

#1. I've been looking for my glasses for 3 days

Source: sh4ggyguy

#2. Accidentally stabbed myself with a meat thermometer

Source: davedude115

#3. My husband was about to put in his teeth this morning until he looked down and found this...

Source: KohanaCat

#4. Leaving for our honeymoon today. Dog chewed it up, but the scan page is entirely in tact save for a small portion of the upper right corner with nothing on it. Will we be able to go?

Source: bdn2555

#5. “You are allergic to everything outside”

Source: wilderwoof

#6. My beanbag popped, any tips for collecting the white balls?

Source: patat1337

#7. My parent's watermelon harvest will not be getting us through the winter

Source: Thats_right_a**hole

#8. It's McRib season! Been looking forward to this!

Source: MasterSquintik

#9. At work wondering why I felt a draft down there. My favorite jeans have given up the ghost

Source: Mental_Passion4945

#10. Toast it is

Unfortunate PeopleSource: DinklesTheNerd

#11. Holding on to the wrong top at the water park...

Unfortunate PeopleSource: sheepsucker

#12. Moved to Australia and was warned about snakes and spiders. I give you a single ant bite

Unfortunate PeopleSource: NefariousMuppet

#13. My mom washed my favorite sweater…

Unfortunate PeopleSource: PhilEshaDeLox

#14. Looks like my neighbor made some mistakes

Unfortunate PeopleSource: robbobmob

#15. When you're bursting, and discover a komodo dragon occupying your commode

Unfortunate PeopleSource: EndersGame_Reviewer

#16. That looks like it hurt

Unfortunate PeopleSource: k41zo_

#17. I hope the rest of his day goes well

Unfortunate PeopleSource:

#18. Everything happens for a reason

Unfortunate PeopleSource: PubicHairTaco

#19. Lost both legs in April, yesterday I flipped my wheelchair off a sidewalk for the first time

Unfortunate PeopleSource: Psychological_Neck70

#20. I really should’ve tied my hair together. Still have much left but damn that hurt

Unfortunate PeopleSource: Additional_Cat_594

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